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[EPP_3D]VIZIO XVT3D580CM-21/9eme-3D passive-Dispo aux USA

Message » 29 Juin 2012 11:19


même si visiblement ces écrans plats ne sont pas distribué en Europe, VIZIO annonce avec son XVT3D580CM un écran 21/9ème 3D (système passif) de 58 pouces pour un prix de lancement de 2 499 USD : ... 3Fid%3D871

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Message » 17 Juil 2012 11:48

la review C-Net USA

The good: The unique, ultra-wide-screen Vizio XVT3D580CM would make a great talking point in any living room, and with the right movie it can look great. The TV has a good mix of features, including passive 3D with four 3D glasses included.

The bad: This Vizio is very expensive. Normal wide-screen 16:9 TV and movies don't fit the screen well. The TV doesn't always "lock" onto a wide-screen signal, and black bars can pop in and out during the course of a movie. Picture quality is hampered by light black levels and the ultra-glossy screen.

The bottom line: The Vizio CinemaWide TV is an intriguing idea, and quite a fun way to watch movies without black bars, but its performance isn't commensurate with the price.

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