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Message » 04 Mar 2004 20:18

The Aesprit range has been replaced by the "Aelite" range of loudspeakers.
The Aelite 2 and Aelite three will be availiable in the UK in the next few
months and Europe a few months after this.


Acoustic Energy proudly announces the launch of their new AELITE Series of
loudspeakers. A new mid-fi collection of speakers, using modern design
techniques in drive unit technology and cabinet enclosure construction.

Following with AE tradition, lightweight high-efficiency alloy cones housed
in die-cast aluminium chassis are used for the mid/bass driver units,
providing a fast, tight bass response with optimum detail and clarity.

The HF unit is a 25mm soft fabric dome specification using a neodymium
magnet assembly and mounted within a precision-engineered aluminium
faceplate for rigidity and enhanced focus and definition.

Cabinet construction follows the current market trend towards curved, rather
than straight-sided enclosures. These inert real wood veneered, hand
crafted cabinets make for increased rigidity and help to reduce colouration.
This is achieved by spreading the resonant frequencies over a wide frequency
range, eliminating 'hotspots' - the result is a smoother, more refined sound
across the wide bandwidth.

Initially, the stand mount AELITE Two and floor-standing AELITE Three models
will be introduced into the UK, to firmly establish these speakers as
two-channel products. In addition to the above features, both speakers will
also benefit from flared rear porting for minimal air resonance and
bi-wireable, gold plated audiophile specification binding post connectors.

J'ai une photo mais comment la mettre dans le post?[/img]
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Message » 04 Mar 2004 22:02

tout est sur leur site :)
Acoustic Energy
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Message » 04 Mar 2004 22:30

tados a Ă©crit:tout est sur leur site :)
Acoustic Energy

ah oui!

j'aime pas trop ce design, qui n'est pas sans rappeler kef.
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