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avis sur ampli a tubes nouvelle marque allemande balladaudio

Message » 13 Déc 2002 15:50


j'ai repere une nouvelle marque allemande

a la lecture des specs ci dessous , pourriez vous me dire ce que vous pensez de la qualite des composants utilises et si le prix parait raisonnable ( suppositions sur le 'papier' uniquement bien sur ) ... =804973774

999 euros

We introduce here a tube amplifier with german design

In unr new project we have tube cd/sacd player, tube and transistor amplifiers.
the amps-BalladAudio TA-B1/34R and TA-B188R have super german design and very impression of optic, using exclusive materials, with high quality, have more funktions and sound fantastic, have very high price and performace ration. thies stereo integrated tube amplifier use well selected chinese brand name tubes, use 4xEL34 (TA-B1/34R) as well as KT88(TA-B1/88R) with little more charger if user wish also with russian tubes like Sovtek/HarmonixEL34 or 6550GE. we can delivery also with 300B or 300B FullMusic(more charger)

here the most important technical specifications:

·p-p prinzip class AB(push pull) with very few negativ feedback, tube for signal input with current regulater, directcoupling DC preamp
.auto bias
·manuel rejustable gate currents manuel bias possible with integrated precision potenziolmeters
· preamp tubes with 2x6SL7 and 2x6SN7 double triode
·output power 2x45W real until 50W
·use international brand name and high quality componets (for exp. french Solen MKP`s, military grad metal surface precision resistors Nichicon/RubbyconElkos aus Japan/USA, big Choke)
·high precision and low noise potentiometer from ALPS(Japan) motor controled for remote control,
·hi quality ceramic tube connectors, silver surface contacts
·very professional handwire, 3D non terminal aided connecting technologie
·very big overdemensional and exclusive output transformer(very wide frequence resonace 3-62KHz - SACD kompatible
·siliziumiron from Denmark
·high quality terminals for loundspeakers and RCA signal input WBT joint venture technik (teflon isolation and gold contact surface)
audiophiel and over demansional ring power transformater (universal power supply possible 120/230V AC) seperate covvered with CE and VDE standard
· security tubecover
· infrared remote control
· demansion 420x155x300mm(BxHxT) - weight about 22 Kg. body used high grad steinless steel with mirror effect very exclusive looking, with aluminium front cover, aluminium rubbor foots und real metal turn buttom alle the amps are brand new and price is only for promotion for EU with VAT or non EU countries without TAX only 861,-Euro
·with 2 years warranty(for tubes 6 months user pay shipping
· date for showing in Berlin possible
· payment via banktransfer world wide or cash service for EU countries
we look for retailer/dealer/distributor in europe, north america and asien.
for more infos please call tel. 0049 30 78716102 or mailto:
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