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Fan de Bow Technologies

Message » 23 Mai 2007 10:55

Les nouvelles de cette marque son rare, en voilà enfin une :

Mise à jour complet des lecteurs CD (bloc lecture + DAC) du ZZ-Eight et egalement du Wizard :

"February 2007
The brand new ZZ-Eight 2007 player now available

It has taken us a long time to finalize the new ZZ-Eight player, and it has been a hard job getting there.

The task was clear, though: Come up with a player that will beat the old ZZ-Eight on all parameters, and do so without losing the charisma and solid foundation, which the old design is famous for.
In order to realize this goal, we had to reinforce our design staff - and who'd be better to hire than the guy who did the original ZZ-Eight design - Lars Moltke.

Lars was chief engineer in BOW Technologies when we started the company in the mid nineties, and he is the technical brain behind both our ZZ models. Lars has been away (professionally) from the high-end scene for some time, but since early 2006 he is back at BOW - more creative than ever.

And he has done it again: Created a State-of-the-Art player that will set new standards.

First reactions to the 2007 ZZ-Eight are even better than we had hoped for. Enthusiastic comments from all over the world fill our mail-box, and for a while they let us forget all the hard work.

This is also good news for all owners of the original ZZ-Eight player, because we offer a genuine upgrade service, which will transform the old model into the new.
It is not a cheap upgrade, but then again, we replace the D/A section completely and we also fit a new, heavily modified, Pro2M CD drive mechanism.

If you love your music and your ZZ-Eight, it is certainly worth doing the upgrade.

Bo Christensen
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