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Incredible Pages from Audiophile Club of Athens !!!

Message » 17 Nov 2002 8:22

November 17th, 2002

1. To be up-to-date, please visit once a week.
2. Send this post address to a friend who might be interested.


NOVEMBER 2002 update from ACA.GR

Dear Fellow Audiophiles Hello,

Welcome to the mid-November 2002 Newsletter from A.C.A., regarding latest web-site updates and other Club's activities:



A.C.A.'s mid-November Newsletter (subscribe to A.C.A. mail list to receive it in your mail box!), 16 Nov

A.C.A.'s phpBB High End Forums modified (Posting and appearance have been improved - new topics entered...), 12 Nov

New Record Review Louis Armstrong, Norah Jones & Diana Krall - 3 records, (by T. Pothitos), 06 Nov

New turntables (from 'Garrard' & 'E M T'), 06 Nov

See the TOP 10 High End systems of the past 2 months!!!, 04 Nov

See the TOP 10 Turntables of the past 2 months!!!, 03 Nov

New turntables (from 'RockPort Tech' & 'S p j'), 03 Nov

World Profile Page updated! (RockPort II Sirius upgraded to III Sirius - incredible!!!, M. Lavigne), 02 Nov

New & updated World systems (directory a), 02 Nov

15,000 visitors on October and still going up! Have a look at some graphs, comparing monthly visitors of top Audio sites!, 01 Nov

New Club's double meeting (Quad 989 Panels driven by SS and top analogue + ...), 01 Nov

New A.C.A. Member High End Profile (Apogee 'Diva' driven by Krell, P. Avgeris), 31 Oct

New & updated systems from A.C.A., 31 Oct

New Club Member (Peter Avgeris), 31 Oct

New Items on Sale (Cadence Canasaya valve mono blocks, Accuphase CDplayer, Vienna 'Beethoven' speakers, etc., etc...), 24 Oct

Equipment Review page updated (Non felt record mats from ExtremePhono, additional comments by T. Syrigos), 23 Oct

New Equipment Review page ('Solid state' stylus cleaner f/ ExtremePhono, comments coming soon), 23 Oct

New World High End Profile (Avalon 'Eidolon' driven by 2x2 tube monos in an excellent room!), 22 Oct

A.C.A. High End Profile Page updated! (Quad 989, driven by Accuphase, using top analogue, T. Pothitos), 21 Oct

Updated World system (directory b), 17 Oct

All links above are included in the "Last Month's Navigator" of our web-site, which is the first you should check out when you enter the site.
It refreshes at least 15 times per month and to locate it, go to left NAV-BAR of, choose "Visit the latest!" and select "Last month's entries".



Next weekend, one of the best events of the year will take place: The Athens November 2002 High-End Show which will be held on 22-23-24 November 2002 (Park Hotel, 10 Alexandras Ave., tel.: +30 210 8894500).

Next Month's Club meeting will be held on December 15th Sunday afternoon, at L. Valleras & K. Daras listening places.



In our web-site, we incorporate a 12-Q multi-poll. Here are the current results (first 2 answers) of the most vavorite Questions:

What counts most for sound playback... (177 votes, to vote for this poll, click here)
Speakers: 39.5%, Listening room: 24.9%

How long since your first Stereo... (175 votes, to vote for this poll, click here)
> 24 Years: 23.4%, 21 - 24 Years: 14.9%

Your favorite speaker's type... (159 votes, to vote for this poll, click here)
Dynamic: 38.4%, Panel: 20.1%

Your favorite front end type... (152 votes, to vote for this poll, click here)
Analogue: 49.3%, CD: 33.6%

Your favorite amplifier's type... (146 votes, to vote for this poll, click here)
Single End: 28.8%, MosFet: 16.4%

Money spent for your present Hi-Fi... (146 votes, to vote for this poll, click here)
< 7000 Euro: 18.5%, 7 - 15000 Euro: 17.8%

Sources included in your Hi Fi... (135 votes, to vote for this poll, click here)
An & CD: 40.7, CD pl. only: 25.9%

Equipment you like to see reviewed... (111 votes, to vote for this poll, click here)
Speakers: 36.9%, Amplifiers: 22.5%

Favorite Music you listen to... (107 votes, to vote for this poll, click here)
Jazz/Blues: 38.3%, Classical: 26.2%

Opinion you trust for Hi-Fi quality... (73 votes, to vote for this poll, click here)
Friend: 27.4%, Audio Club: 21.9%

Please, make your own contribution to these results. All 12 polls are placed in a table in our Basic Files of the web-site.


That's all for this month...

Christos Skaloumbakas

President of the
Audiophile Club of Athens
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Localisation: Athens Hellas

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