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Message » 29 Sep 2011 22:34


j'ai découvert un proto chez NAD, il s'agit d'une dock Iphone/Ipod, qui fait aussi Bluetooth et airplay.

Je n'ai pas de photo ni de doc (pas encore) mais le son de ce module est éblouissant ! Et le design n'en est pas moins

Je n'ai trouvé aucun post qui en parlait...

Dès que j'ai plus d'info, je communique.

Le prix de vente public sera de 599 €.
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Message » 29 Sep 2011 22:42

Voici la première photo :

VISO1-300x194.png (73.59 Kio) Vu 564 fois
Dernière édition par asterix le 29 Sep 2011 22:45, édité 1 fois.
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Message » 29 Sep 2011 22:44 ... sic-System


VISO 1 Wireless Digital Music System Designed to Bring Music to Life

Inspired Design
The NAD VISO 1 is inspired design married to some of the most sophisticated audio technologies in the world today. The result is a new way to experience your mobile music collection. With the VISO 1, every detail of your digital music is clear with all the warmth and emotion of a live musical performance. This immersive musical experience must be heard to be believed.

Easy as 1, 2, 3
The VISO 1 is compact and easy to enjoy right out of the box. No messy wires or complicated setup. The innovative precision 'ring' design allows you to operate your iPod in a completely natural way, without compromising Apple's well thought out ergonomics. After plugging in the power cord to a household outlet, simply dock your iPod in the rotating cradle, select your music, and press 'play'. The supplied remote handset allows you to start or stop the music, skip tracks and adjust the volume from your listening chair.

Wireless Options

Integrated Bluetooth reception allows any Bluetooth enabled device to seamlessly integrate with the VISO 1. This allows wireless integration of the iTouch, iPhone and iPad, as well as Android and Windows-based smartphones and tablets. Virtually any handheld device can stream music to VISO 1 for great convenience.

Astounding Performance
VISO 1 not only will play louder than other iPod docks, it plays with an uncanny smoothness and accuracy. Music seems to float in 3 dimensional space with vocals and instruments clearly defined and true to life. You've never heard your iPod sound this good!

NAD Direct Digital

VISO 1 includes NAD's Direct Digital technology first introduced in our groundbreaking top-of-the-line Masters Series M2 Direct Digital Amplifier. The VISO 1 offers two major advances in iPod music systems: it plays the music stored on your iPod in its native digital form, completely bypassing the limiting audio circuits of the iPod, and the processing power inherent in Direct Digital technology allows the speakers to be optimized for sonic performance. Renowned speaker designer Paul Barton (on loan from our sister company, PSB Speakers) used Direct Digital's remarkable set of tools to give the VISO 1 the same musical authenticity and acoustic performance that has set his award-winning designs apart from all others over the last 40 years.

Made for iPod Music System.
Bluetooth aptX wireless high fidelity receiver works with any Bluetooth device.
Optical digital input accepts up to 24/96k music from external devices like TV, Disc Player or Media Streamer.
NAD Direct Digital amplifier eliminates all analogue circuitry and offers very high efficiency and low power consumption.
Bi-amplified system with digital crossover and bi-amplification for lowest distortion and widest frequency response.
Music from iPod in digital domain bypassing all analogue circuitry.
Component Video Output sends iPod Videos to your HD TV while playing the sound track.
Docking Cradle can rotate 90 degrees, allowing for 'portrait' or 'landscape' orientation of your iPhone or iTouch.
30 pin iPod connector charges your iPod while transferring audio and video signals to the VISO 1.
USB port for software upgrades.
IR remote control.
Messages: 4713
Inscription: 11 Sep 2002 21:31
Localisation: Belgique/Liège

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