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Nouveautés ARCAM et autres

Message » 25 Jan 2002 17:11

Ce qui nous attend chez ARCAM :

The global launch of the FMJ THX Home Cinema Components.

• FMJ AV8 Digital Pre-Amp & Cinema Processor – decodes every format currently known to man (as of 21/11/01) and has over 100 inputs!

• FMJ P7 Seven Channel Power Amp - THX ULTRA 2 rated with 7x150 audiophile watts!!!

These high end designs sit above the FMJ range but remain an aesthetic match allowing owners of the FMJ DV27 etc to build systems that can go head-to-head with anything yet made.

The FMJ range will deliver both exceptional performance and value for money and is sure to be one of the hits of the Show.
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