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Message » 05 Sep 2002 13:55

Tout est dans le titre!!
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Membre HCFR
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Message par Google » 05 Sep 2002 13:55


Encart supprimé pour les membres HCFR

Message » 05 Sep 2002 17:43

D'après les critiques dans les revues et la construction de l'objet, il semblerait que l'écoute soit indispensable pour se former sa propre opinion.
Cette enceinte fait partie des produits très aboutis à fort caractère, donc difficile à conseiller. Fais toi ta propre opinion en allant les écouter.

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Message » 06 Sep 2002 9:14

le problème c'est que je suis de la région lyonnaise et qu'il n'y a pas de revendeurs ici. personne ne les a écouté??
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Membre HCFR
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J'ai un pair chez moi.

Message » 18 Nov 2010 18:29

Please forgive that I respond in English, but even though I understand the written French, I am embarrassed to attemp to write it.
I have had a pair of Tilias for some years, and they have illuminated the benefits of every improvement I have made to my system.
Having been an audio nut for over 30 years - am now 56 - it has been a great deal of fun to watch how vast improvements in quality
of equipment has made what was once only the domain of the wealthy accessible to the common man. I have had many systems, and
I believe the current one is by far the best one yet. Ocellia Tilias - Art Audio Symphony ll - Metronome DAC - Sony DVP-S7000 as transport,
with custom wires and PolyCrystal Rack, a combination that has made me spend many hours enjoying music at home instead of going out
spending money with nothing to show for it. Set up properly, you will find these speakers make other people's systems sound like there's
always something missing - the sound stage they create is palpable, and their efficiency enables you to listen at very low volume and still
hear everything in a recording without disturbing the neighbors in the late night hours you will be spending enjoying this admittedly insane pursuit.

Merci pour votre attention,
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Message » 18 Nov 2010 18:43


Tu peux aller jeter un oeil ici (in french this time :wink: :idee: ) : ... 34&start=0

thx a lot Array1138 !! 8) :idee:

Three little questions :

these speakers aren't too bright with modern and pop music for instance ?

How about the sweet spot ? narrow or wide ?

And the bass extension ?

David :wink:
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