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Recording of a large Orchestral Work!!!

Message » 06 Juil 2005 15:26


'MEGARON' Music Hall in Athens-Greece has started a series of recordings of Greek Classical Music Composers and the works that 6 members of A.C.A. witnessed recorded, were composed by Manolis Kalomiris (1883-1962) 'TRIPTICHON' (composed 1936), Symphony PALAMIKI and "2 GREEK DANCES".

STATE ORCHESTRA OF ATHENS (ASO) was conducted by Byron Fidetzis. Musical recording assistant was Philippos Tsalahouris. The recording was performed by Themis Zafiropoulos and the recording team of the 'Megaron' Recording Center.

This is also an historical moment, since this recording session was the first official recording towards discography of the best and oldest Greek Symphonic Orchestra!

Read all about it in:
(extremelly recommended for serious audiophiles...)

Subjects included:
    - About the Play...
    - The Recording Center Installation...
    - The Play & the Orchestra...
    - The Recording of the Orchestra...
    - 'MEGARON' Recording Equipment...
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Message » 06 Juil 2005 18:15

Very intersting for sure but this information will be in the right place in "Oeuvre-musiques" :wink:

Maverick (Ingliche spiqueur)
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Message » 06 Juil 2005 18:58

Private joke for Maverick : "Did you think that was fast ? I thought that was fast !" :wink:
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