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Formula Fusion [PC-PS4-X1] par les ExDevs de WipEout

Message » 08 Aoû 2016 17:07

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PS : Je conseille vivement de surveiller attentivement ce topic :siffle:
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Message par Google » 08 Aoû 2016 17:07


Encart supprimé pour les membres HCFR

Message » 09 Aoû 2016 17:01

A l'occasion de sa récente grosse mise à jour de l'early access de Formula Fusion, HCFR est rentré en contact il y a quelques semaines avec le Studio anglo-saxon R8Games pour voir si nous pouvions obtenir quelques clés Steam pour permettre à quelques'uns de nos membres HCFR d'essayer gratuitement la dernière mouture de leur simulation de course de véhicules antigrav.

R8Games nous a très généreusement accordé quelques Clés Steam
Très généreusement Car il faut le rappeler, l’accès à l'Early Access Steam du Jeu coûte 19.99€

C'est donc pas moins de 3 clés STEAM, que HCFR a du coup la possibilité et le grand plaisir de vous proposer.

Le Jeu étant encore en développement, R8Games est très attentif aux retours d’expériences des joueurs.

La seule contre partie demandée sera que ceux qui récupéreront ces clés, viennent partager leurs expériences, leurs impressions et avis détaillées sur le présent Topic
Précisons qu'un article est aussi en réflexion pour HCFR

Nous recommandons aussi vivement la fréquentation des Sites / réseaux sociaux / liens mis en 1ère page pour que l’expérience se fasse dans les meilleures conditions.
Par ex, pour connaitre les créneaux de disponibilités des serveurs du Multi
Pour info la possession d'une Manette Xbox One ou Dualshock 4 est indispensable pour y jouer.

Voilà vous savez tout
Si vous êtes intéressés pour tenter l’expérience Formula Fusion, Faites le nous savoir par MP à moi-même ou à l'un des membres du Staff Jeux Video. :wink:

Attention, ce sera premier arrivé, premier servi !!!

Bon Jeu à Tous :D

Admin Staff Jeux Video


Administrateur Forum Jeux-vidéo & Suppléant Asso
Administrateur Forum Jeux-vidéo & Suppléant Asso
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Inscription: 25 Mai 2008 9:32
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Message » 20 Déc 2016 18:52

Newsletter de R8Games qui annonce avoir trouver un nouvel investisseur et de fonds supplémentaires et qui a parle aussi de l'annonce du Remaster Wipeout Omega Collection

It's the Silly Season and R8 Games is working furiously to produce something special for our community before Christmas.
Firstly, an apology; despite our best intentions we've neglected to not only update the game regularly but also to keep you in the loop.

To recap; at the beginning of this year we managed to get a committed investor onboard and the extra funding allowed us to plan for the game we really wanted to make.
We turned our resources to creating what we believe is a reinvention of the anti-grav combat racing genre. All the good core stuff that we always wanted to feature together with the depth, quality and scope of a high end, big studio game; loads of options, multiple craft and weapon customisations plus social elements encompassing multiplayer, tournaments, leagues, video replays, and world class AI.
Essentially the funding allowed us to realize our ambitions and as a result Formula Fusion has moved far beyond its origins into something entirely more substantial than would have otherwise been possible.

Right now we are aiming to get a new EA build to you this side of Santa’s triple shift. You will see the progress that has been made since the last version. We’re not there yet and let’s not forget we’re in Early Access, pre-alpha. Formula Fusion is not a finished game but we believe you'll see we have not been sitting around.
In the background we’ve been working on a number of new tracks and craft but mainly features. Some of these we'll be bringing you a taste of while others have to remain in the studio as they're not yet ready for prime time let alone Early Access.

However, the new features we will be showing you, including the handling and physics, both vastly improved, are well worth the wait. It's been an often frustrating journey for everyone but there is light at the end of the tunnel now and we are looking forward to a 2017 release of Formula Fusion on PC, PS4 and Xbox One accompanied and followed by complete pledge fulfillment for our wonderful Kickstarter backers.

On another note, we're aware that Sony recently announced a 'remaster' of Wipeout. In relation to Formula Fusion we see this as a very positive thing. Firstly, judging by the reactions so far it strengthens our belief that there are large numbers of gamers itching to see the genre bought up to date, plus, we believe, there are a whole new generation of players waiting to be introduced to the excitement and challenge of AG combat racing. Last but not least it's no surprise that we're big WipeOut fans ourselves and can’t wait to see it on a 4K screen!

Thanks for your continued support and patience. Look out for the EA update very soon and we'll look forward to your valuable feedback which has always informed our development.
Team Formula Fusion
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Message » 22 Déc 2016 6:29

Nouvelle Grosse Maj sur Formula Fusion :P
Je rappelle au passage qu'il nous reste des clés Steam pour ceux qui veulent l'essayer l'Early Access sur PC :siffle: 8)


The build is now live – go and grab yourself some fun!

Thanks for your patience, things are really starting to come together now and it would be good for you to take a look at how the game is coming along.

STEAM LINK: The following notes concern Steam Early Access Build no.0.5.364 (20161221):

NEW TRACK - Midtown. A new intro track that represents a new quality benchmark for the game.
Note: You will start to see tweaks and changes to the existing 4 tracks in the new year to balance the quality.

NEW FEATURES - replays - craft and weapon upgrade slot/card system in the garage - audio alerts - haptic feedback added - toggle on/off - motion blur added on max speed - toggle on/off - chase cam added


  • physics and handling
  • new offensive and defensive weapon options
  • head up display
  • shield has now been split to Shield and Health
  • cockpit cam
  • tail cam
  • craft audio
  • shield pickup now purple
  • AI


THE GARAGE The Garage has huge changes namely the first outing for our card/slot based upgrade system.

WIP / PLACEHOLDER - Please remember this is EARLY ACCESS. The mechanic and UI are wip / placeholder and not fully implemented but we wanted to let you see it now. With the greatest of respect please don’t tell us the UI sucks. We know it does. It is purely functional right now and we are going to work with tDR to bring it up to the level of quality you would expect. For now please just play with it and HAVE FUN.

BALANCING – There are some obvious balancing issues with the card and craft systems but we have started to focus on this area. You will eventually need to pay for the cards with "Tech Credits” but right now they're free. For now please jump in and experiment with the various load outs.
Although it’s briefly explained in the on screen text, we’ll assume you’re like us and haven’t read it ;-) here’s what’s going on with the Card Upgrade system:

You have 7 slots on your craft and each can accept Behaviour Cards:

  • Engine: 1 card
  • Handling: 1 card
  • Braking: 1 card
  • Anti-Gravity: 1 card
  • Defence: 1 card
  • Defensive Weapons: 1 card
  • Offensive Weapon: 5 cards

Choose one Behaviour card for each Slot (or 5 in the case of your Offensive Weapon), and then save your LoadOut. You can save as many LoadOuts as you want.
Go to Custom Race and choose your craft and pre-saved LoadOut. Then continue to choose your race track. The only areas needing any huge explanation for now:-

OFFENSIVE WEAPONS: As you hit the button marked "Offensive Weapons” you’ll see you have a choice of 3 weapons:

  • Energy Bolt
  • Gauss Cannon
  • Mine

Choose one of these. "Might I suggest that sir tries the Energy Bolt first" Then choose up to 5 behaviours for that weapon:

  • Ricochet = how many times your missiles will bounce of the walls
  • Spread = multiplies the number of missiles which are released at the same time
  • Cluster = a number of smaller bombs are released on detonation
  • Proximity = increases the range at which your weapon will detonate (and have an effect)
  • Ammo Multiplier = gives you twice the number of missiles
  • Area of Effect = aka blast radius
  • Armor Penetration = self explanatory ;-) Constant
  • Damage = slightly damages everything in its path within a radius - short lifespan
  • Fire Rate = self explanatory ;-)
  • Attract = pulls craft and other projectiles towards it disrupting racing lines or detonating
  • Damage = increases the amount of damage a weapon will do
  • Impulse = the force of the blast increases
  • Leech = a portion of the damage dealt is transferred to the shooter as Shield Health.
  • Tether = wip (no vfx yet) takes health from victim and adds to the shooters Shield
  • Sticky = missiles (not Gauss Cannon) will attach it to target and detonate 1 second later
  • Lifetime = increases lifetime of Energy Bolt or Mine Projectile
  • Speed = increases the speed of any missiles
  • Guidance = hmmm…oh yes…this is the one you want ;-)


Unlike their Offensive brothers these are INDIVIDUAL WEAPONS and craft upgrades which are not affected by Behaviour modifying Cards. here’s a quick explanation of them:

  • Cloak = wip but the opponents can’t see you (you see your craft as a sort of Predator effect)
  • Upsurge = when charged you can activate a mini BOOST
  • Tank = increases hull strength
  • Flashbang = errrr….flashbang, wallop Energy
  • Leach = wip (no vfx yet) needs to be touching other craft Flares = fired from rear of craft to counter guided weaponry
  • Shockwave = short range "Gravity Wave” which violently shoves other craft and projectiles

This is very much a WIP feature. Some things to know about it:
  • there are 20 slots available
  • a replay happens when you’ve completed a race or 1 lap Time Replay
  • once you’ve selected your race it will start in Cinematic mode
  • you can select any pilot’s POV, switching between Chase, Tail
  • exit via Escape key only

KNOWN BUGS - Weapons exist in multiplayer in the pure race. They need removing.
Note: We will attempt to push out an update out before we break for Xmas on Friday 23rd to fix any major bugs that may crop up through expanded play testing.

TUTORIAL - the Tutorial is gone for now. We’re working on a real one which will come out later.

KERS - is now referred to as “Boost” - its function is the same as in the earlier build: - build up BOOST points by piloting without hitting anything - lose BOOST points on collisions with anything - use BOOST points for a big speed surge

WARNING VOICES - WIP - you can turn them off or down in Options/UI Voices level

MULTIPLAYER WIP - due to some tests we’ve been doing we’ve had to bring you a Multiplayer without weapons - you should see some changes to the smoothness but overall it is very much still WIP

MUSIC WIP -All music in the game is placeholder. We are working with music artists right now to confirm the line up.

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