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Message » 27 Juin 2010 9:59

DViCOTViXM6632_1.jpg (6.49 Kio) Vu 336 fois

Caractéristiques techniques :

Puce Realtek RTD1283DD+

1. Supports the configurable user-interface.
· User can change main user interface (background image, icons) and screen saver.
· Store the “tvix_bg.jpg” (for background image), “tvix_movie.png” (for movie icon), “tvix_music.png”(for music icon), “tvix_photo.png”(for photo icon), “tvix_hdtv.png” (for hdtv icon), “tvix_reclist.png” (for record list icon), “tvix_ims.png” (for internet service), “tvix_setup.png” (for setup) on the root folder of internal HDD.
· The tvix_bg.jpg should be 1280x720 JPEG format. The recommended size of each icon is 362x404 (either PNG or JPG format.) If you want to use alpha blending on icon file, the ARGB should be ARGB(0, 8, 8, 16) format.
· Store the “tvix_ss.jpg” for screen saver image. The size is 160x160.
· You can also change the text image just below each icon. Please refer to the usage link below for detail.
2. Supports the HD-audio pass-thru. (for 6600+, 6620DUO, 6640DUO )
· Supports the Dolby True-HD pass-thru.
3. Supports the Web-Remote 2nd version.
· Supports the automatic detection of iPhone, iPad, Android phone and notebook PC, and adjust the resolution accordingly.
· Supports the “Control” button which enables popping-up of same buttons as actual remote. So you can do anything with Web-Remote just like actual remote.
· Supports HDTV/ PHOTO icons as well. You can also control the PVR functions with Web-Remote
· For changes and new usage please refer to
4. Supports the APE/ CUE music file format.
· Supports the lossless APE music format.
· Supports the CUE playlist file as well.
5. Supports the “Native Frame Rate”.
· Supports original frame rate of each file. (60i, 50i, 24p, 25p, 50i, 50p, 60p)
· You can configure the behavior of each frame-rate.
· This mode is only available when screen resolution is 1080p50Hz or 1080p60Hz.
· The “native resolution” (e.g. 480p24Hz 480p24Hz) is not supported at this moment
· To enable this Setup > AV > Video Auto Switch > Native Framerate
6. Supports the OSD on/off.
· You can turn off the OSD for using TVIX as commercial playback machine.
7. Supports the slow fast forward.
· After “pause”, press right button to enable 1/16x > 1/8x > 1/4x > 1/2 > 3/4x slow forward in turn.
8. Supports the subtitle text encoding regardless of menu language.
· You can select text encoding after popping-up subtitle window then “left” button (can see small triangular button on left side)
· You can also configure it at Setup > System > Language > Text encoding
9. Supports the subtitle “OFF” status.
· If you turn off the subtitle, then the status will be saved and be applied next time you boot-up.
10. Changes the default main user interface to brighter color combination.
11. Supports the 16:10 aspect ratio.
12. Supports the Polish and Portuguese menu language.
13. Fix the problem of some idx+sub subtitle.
14. Changes the Hebrew font for better looking.

1. Improves the EPG user interface.
2. Configurable channel up/down key behavior.
· You can select “favorite channel up/down” on setup menu
3. The “Info” window will disappear automatically.
4. Fixes the in-accurate CUT-IN/ CUT-OUT point when editing the recorded stream.
· Also fixes the padding problem (2 files created)
5. Fixes the recording problem when special character is inserted at channel name.
6. Fixes the Hebrew EPG problem.

1. Improves IMS (Internet Media Service) functions quite a bit
· Rearranges overall icons and services.
· Improves “WEATHER” gadget. (Supports multi-national language and adds “favorite” location. So you can save your location for checking weather.)
· Pressing RIGHT button on You-Tube list will show the thumb-nail preview.
· Supports PLAY/PAUSE of You-Tube.
· Adds “Internet TV” service.
· You can download movie files on some service.
1. For example, go to IMS > Internet channel > HD net , then press “RIGHT” button on wanted movie clip.
2. Select “download” button, then the clip will be stored on /Movie folder.

2. Supports Ralink RT307x chipset Wi-Fi module
· Supports both WEP/ WPA configuration.
· Shows very good sustained performance (1080p streaming is O.K.)
· It will take about 30 seconds for initial setup of Ralink module.
· Most of the current 11n Wi-Fi dongles are RT307x based. Please let us know the USB VID/PID for adding your own RT307x based 11n Wi-Fi dongle.

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