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SIF1 video codec 1.20

Message » 11 Juil 2011 12:20

quelqu'un connait ce codec ?
SIF1 video codec description

A free universal video codec.
SIF1 video codec is a handy and reliable multimedia compressor/decompressor designed to register into the Windows collection of multimedia drivers and it integrates into any application using DirectShow and Microsoft Video. It's based on the original proprietary algorithm of compression. Background.

The SIF1 project was launched in the autumn of 2000, with the major goal of finding new approaches for video compression. We developed a new class of algorithms for image compression. Its working title is "SIF-transform". This class of algorithms occupies the intermediate position between traditional algorithms and algorithms that divide source image in set of objects.

In SIF-similar codecs, compression is put into effect at the expense of image to the set of basic elements - resampling patterns. During several years, we worked on different compression engines based on SIF transform. The sixth compression core was found to be the best basis for realizing the new codec. But that engine is just simplified prototype, on which practical realization of this new technology of compression is perfecting. SIF1 codec is based on the SIFcore6 and several algorithms that increase the efficiency of moving image compression.


· 2 GHz Core2 Duo processor for FullHD video decoding

What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· Motion detection engine was restructured and optimized for multithreaded operation (up to 32 threads). In current code multithreaded optimization is done using a temporal scheme since the core of SIF transform is the last big unit of code that is not working in multithreaded mode.
· Added multithreaded modes of an entropy codec operation (up to 8 threads). Thus, the decoder now have full multithreading support and supports decoding of streams with 80+ mbits bitrate.
· Codec now supports vertical resolution that is not a multiple of 16.
· Implemented different (in terms of speed & quality) motion detection engine presets.
· Added checking for correct input. Now the decoder doesn't crash on corrupt or invalid files.
· Added turbo first pass mode - about two times faster than second in two-pass mode.
· New PsyRD extrapolation engine, used in the motion detection engine, is written. Due to this, another significant improvement in sharpness and detail of compressed image was achieved.
Description of SIF1 settings :
source: ... odec.shtml
SIF1 v.1.10 demonstration video fragments sur le site officiel :
Bon test ...
PS:je l'ai installé sans redemarrer pour tester il n'est pas présent sur Dvbviewer,sur Smartdvb il est present mais il ne fonctionne pas avec une message "erreur codec" !
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