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Message » 05 Déc 2005 23:49

Disponible depuis bientôt un an, personne ne semble en parler ni en avoir parlé, sans doute parce que ce couple alléchant n'est pas distribué par chez nous et ne sait faire que du son (HDMI quand tu nous tiens... :roll: ), mais cela mérite tout de même un petit coup d'œil, ou même d'oreille (mais où?).

Au passage, le MPS-1 a remporté le prix de l'ampli de puissance de l'année 2005 par Audioholics, tandis que le préampli n'a pas grand chose à envier à certains ténors de la catégorie.

Bon d'accord, faut aimer les loupiotes bleues et prendre les devants pour le passage en 220v, mais ça le fait pas mal...

Des commentaires ou des infos ?... ... rs/805emo/

Le test du preamp : ... view01.php

Et celui de l'ampli : ... MPS1p1.php

Le seul distributeur à ma connaissance (avec manuels téléchargeables) : ... oduct=22.1

Et quelques photos :




Precision Motorola Symphony™ based 7.1 Channel Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital EX, Dolby Pro-Logic II/IIx, DTS, DTS-ES, and DTS Neo:6, decoding
NEW Motorola DSP - Their Top of the Line
Broadcast quality video up-conversion circuitry for all composite and S-video inputs.
OSD (On Screen Display) for easy set up and calibration. Logical and easy to use. OSD is component video compatible!
All inputs can be renamed and are completely configurable for triggers, zone assignment, gain trim, max level, etc.
Second zone audio capability; can play sources independent of the main zone
Full-time digital down-mix for two-channel tape recording, digital outputs, and second audio zone output from multi-channel digital sources
Direct two-channel analog bypass mode
Preprogrammed and learning MX500 remote control with LCD
Music surround modes converts stereo inputs into five or six channels of audio
High performance Alps FM/AM tuner with 40 presets
Three sets of 100 Mhz+ HDTV compatible wide-bandwidth component video inputs with two buffered outputs
Six audio/video inputs, each with audio, S-video and composite video
Three audio inputs
Moving magnet phono input
Eight channel analog audio input using RCA connectors for DVD-A, SACD, or other external multi-channel source. Ultra pure, all analog signal path.
Digital audio (S/PDIF) inputs for six sources: four coax or optical and two coax only
Coaxial and optical digital (S/PDIF) outputs provide two-channel digital down-mix from 5.1 sources for recording, etc
Balanced outputs for main 7.1 channels
3 additional single ended subwoofer outputs
All-digital bass manager with crossover frequencies of 40 to 160Hz
DSP based tone controls
Professional grade 24-bit A-to-D converter and 24-bit/192kHz Multibit D-to-A converters
Separate trigger outputs and infrared inputs for both zones
High-current (500mA total) trigger outputs
IEEE-1394 (Firewire™) port for future expansion
Flash upgradeable memory
Modular internal construction
3RU chassis with floating multi-element, milled aluminum faceplate. Indirect cobalt blue illumination of all controls and main panel
Black lacquered removable side trim panels. Optional rack mounting hardware provided
IEC power inlet, 120/230 VAC configurable.
Weight - 27 lbs.
Dimensions: (HxWxD) 6” x 18 ½” x 16 ¼”


Audiophile quality, modular power amplifier.
True card cage design can accommodate up to seven 200 watt (@8 ohms) mono block power modules - power modules glide in and out on Nylon rails
Power modules feature independent 350VA, low noise toroid power transformers w/ high speed rectifiers and 48,000uF of storage per channel for a 336,000uF total, across seven independent channels
High efficiency Class H power amplifier design, minimizes power losses and allows cool operation
Complementary, discrete power amplifier design incorporating high current, high speed, Toshiba power devices
Truly transparent, integrated soft clip circuitry
Balanced XLR and RCA inputs
Channel status indicators for standby, operate, and fault
THD less than .015%, 20Hz-20kHz with 80kHz measurement bandwidth
DC offset, less than 1mv, servo controlled.
Completely Stable into 2 ohm loads
*Minimum* 200 watts/8 ohms – 300 watts/4 ohms – 400 watts/2 ohms - seven channels driven, mains limited
Frequency response 20Hz-20kHz +/- 0.1 dB, or 10Hz-100Khz +/- 3dB
Signal to Noise Ratio - 100dB, un-weighted
Input impedance - 20k ohms.
Crosstalk between ANY channels – greater than 120dB
Fully protected from all fault conditions with ultra quiet, module mounted, fan assisted cooling for severe duty cycle applications
Soft start circuitry. Silent turn on/off - No audible transients
Signal sensing auto turn on or remote trigger. Soft touch power switch
All aluminum capacitors are premium quality, low ESR, 105°C rated for high reliability and performance.
Doubled sided, plate through, glass epoxy, FR4 PCB’s used throughout with 2 ounce poured copper on all power sections and ground planes
Modules are designed for field replacement with the removal of four screws
5RU chassis with floating multi-element, milled aluminum faceplate. Indirect cobalt blue illumination of all controls and main panel
Black lacquered, piano finished wood side panels are included, as are milled aluminum rack ears for professional installations
Massive, multi element milled aluminum faceplate with "floating” wing detail – indirect, cobalt blue panel illumination with panel dimmer
Power consumption during standby – 3 watts or 60 watts at idle
IEC power inlet, 120/230 VAC user configurable on modules
Weight - 115 lbs.
Dimensions: (HxWxD) 7 ¾” x 18 ½” x 19 ¼”
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