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Tout sur les projecteurs vidéo à matrices ( LCD, DMD, DILA, ... ) 1080i/1080P


Message » 10 Mai 2010 17:57

(clone du Vivitek H9080HD)
Knoll-LED1081-led-front-projector.jpg (63.98 Kio) Vu 1265 fois

LED sight source with a 20,000 hour rating eliminates bulbs and color wheels.
Knoll 2-D manual lens shift ensures easy installation because the projector does not need to be mounted in "just the right spot" and won’t lose image resolution.

Native 1080p MaxPlay™ DMD™ with BrilliantColor™ for the ultimate image quality.
Available with an optional short throw lens to accommodate different home theater settings.
Three HDMI v1.3b inputs for the ultimate connectivity.
Future proof with HDMI 1.3b that includes Deep Color™ for the smoothest picture ever.
Factory calibrated to 6500° (D65) and color balance for a true cinema experience.
Kommand Center™ controllable (
Free iKontrol™ iTouch/iPhone/iPad app for controlling via IR or RS232 (additional hardware may be required).
Long Lasting LED Powered HD Home Theater Projector From Knoll

Our first LED light source projector is now shipping. The LED1081 eliminates costly bulbs by using a new LED light source. LED's output only diminishes by 20% over the lifetime of the LEDs, so the LED1081 does not have to be constantly calibrated for fabulous picture quality. Best of all with no color wheel there is no possibility of seeing the rainbow effect. Because there is no bulb the projector runs much cooler and uses less power. The LED1081 has many important features including the all new MaxPlay™ imager and video processor and 2-D lens shift. The LED1081 displays almost all current formats including Blu-Ray, DVDs and PVRs.

MaxPlay™ is a new type of imager and processor so refined it takes little or no calibration over the years to keep displaying an outstanding image. The 2-D lens shift allows the projector to be mounted in places it could never be mounted before without using keystone to correct the picture (adjusting keystone always lowers resolution). The LED1081 projector image is our best ever! At a rating of 800 ANSI lumens this projector is more than 2 times brighter than a commercial movie screen image.

The LED1081 features a native resolution of 1920 X 1080, and displays all ATSC HDTV formats including 720p, 1080i and 1080p. Future proof with HDMI 1.3b, it supports Deep Color™ to display 1.07 billion colors without color banding artifacts and Brilliant Color™ for the smoothest picture you will ever see. Each and every LED1081 is calibrated at Knoll Systems factory and set to 6500° (D65) to give you a true cinema experience right out-of-the-box.

Knoll makes a full line of high-quality 1080p models. Knoll Systems is known for its technical firsts and award winning video projectors. Our video projectors as well as our extensive line of home theater and custom installation products offer performance and value that no one else can match.

This projector has a short throw lens option available to allow the LED1081 to be physically mounted closer to the screen. The LED1081 can be completely controlled by our iKontrol application available for free at the Apple iTunes store.

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Quel est le prix du bestio qui en impose par son design ?
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