HCFR Colormeter – Donation

 Why Donate ?

ColorHCFR is freely available…

However, even if we are doing our best to develop and extend this software; we have to buy some third party probes (to support them) and/or spare parts for our own probe development.

Note that we propose a donation to the non lucrative organisation « HCFR » instead of a direct funding to authors, who will get no money… The proceeds from those donations will mainly help to pay for some additional probes (and related) we could support…

So far « HCFR » organisation (non lucrative) is supporting us in funding some of our needs… We thought opening a donation line would be a nice way for people to support and thanks the authors by participating to future evolutions.


 How to make a donation ?

To make a donation, please fill in the amount below and then proceed with Paypal.

Donation amount (€uro) :

(This link won’t validate your transaction, you’ll be directed to Paypal secure web site and will have to fill in your details).


ColorHCFR Team and HCFR organisation would like to thank you all