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Mise à Jour Dolby Vision pour certains téléviseurs Sony

Message » 24 Jan 2018 19:19 ... ision.html
Dolby : Un correctif développé pour les TV Dolby Vision

Selon Forbes qui en a rapporté l'information, Dolby a développé un correctif destiné aux détenteurs de téléviseurs compatibles Dolby Vision. Certains utilisateurs, notamment les détenteurs de téléviseurs OLED LG , ont pu effectivement rencontrer un problème de restitution des noirs (niveau des noirs trop élevé), rendant leurs expériences problématiques sur des films et séries. Et cela aussi bien depuis l'Apple TV 4K que sur certains lecteurs de disques Ultra HD Blu-ray.

Ni LG, ni Apple ne sont responsables. C'est Dolby qui a reconnu être à l'origine du problème relatif à la technologie Dolby Vision transmise à partir d'appareils externes tels que l'Apple TV 4K via HDMI.

Des mises à jour firmware, intégrant ce correctif, seront prochainement proposées par les constructeurs pour mettre à niveau les téléviseurs touchés.

Affaire à suivre de près. ... 70671.html

Le Dolby Vision arrive sur les TV Sony aux États-Unis... ou presque
Pas de Dolby Vision en HDMI
Publié le 19/01/18 à 16h26
Comme promis, Sony a commencé à déployer la mise à jour du micrologiciel apportant la compatibilité Dolby Vision à certains téléviseurs aux États-Unis. La joie a été de courte durée pour les utilisateurs, le Dolby Vision ne fonctionnant pas avec les sources externes.


Il y a un an, Sony annonçait fièrement la compatibilité de certains de ses téléviseurs 2017 avec le Dolby Vision. Il aura finalement fallu attendre 2018 pour voir arriver la fameuse mise à jour apportant la compatibilité avec le HDR dynamique de Dolby. Sorti le 17 janvier 2018 aux États-Unis, le micrologiciel PKG6.2818.0070NAA apporte le Dolby Vision aux téléviseurs Sony Bravia A1 (Oled), X93E, X94E et ZD9. Pour l'Europe, la sortie est toujours prévue pour le courant du mois de janvier, sans plus de précision.

Si la mise à jour apporte bien le support du Dolby Vision, il est limité aux applications intégrées à Android TV, comme Netflix, Vudu ou Amazon Prime Video. Le Dolby Vision ne fonctionne pas via les entrées HDMI. Impossible donc de profiter du Dolby Vision via un Apple TV 4K ou bien encore via un lecteur Blu-ray Ultra HD comme celui d'Oppo, l'un des seuls compatibles avec le protocole Dolby. Autant dire que le mécontentement se fait entendre sur les forums du constructeur ou encore sur celui du Blu-ray de la part d'utilisateurs qui comptaient sur cette mise à jour pour enfin profiter du Dolby Vision. ... bd4808641c

Sony's Dolby Vision TV Update Finally Rolls Out - And Leaves Sony TV Owners Fuming [UPDATED]


Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own.
[UPDATE: I've been pressing Sony again today for an official response on the story below. I've been assured that such a response is indeed being worked on (Sony is not just burying its head in the sand, in other words), and that this response will appear 'within a few days'. In the mean time, a source at Sony has suggested to me that the brand had 'been told' ahead of its Dolby Vision firmware roll out that all external Dolby Vision source products had already received the necessary update to ensure compatibility with Sony's TVs!

As a result, Sony did not expect the current issues to arise, and so hadn't got a response ready to put out right away.

If what my source says is correct, it seems pretty remarkable that Sony seemingly didn't test for itself all potential external Dolby Vision sources (there aren't really that many, after all) before rolling its Dolby Vision TV update out, rather than seemingly just taking someone's word for it.

There is one positive take away from this latest bit of information I've obtained, though. Namely that Sony's Dolby Vision firmware update should, eventually, deliver DV over HDMI (and USB) - despite what some rather garbled Sony Customer Services announcements I've seen today appear to imply.

I'll let you know as soon as the eagerly awaited official Sony response arrives. Until then, the original story appears unchanged below.]

Sony has finally lived up to a promise it made way back in January 2017 by starting to roll out a firmware update for its high-end TVs that enables them to support the Dolby Vision premium HDR format. Great - if late - news, right? Wrong. Unfortunately, far from having Sony TV owners cracking open the champagne, the long-overdue update has got them howling with frustration.

The problem is that the update doesn’t seem to support Dolby Vision playback over HDMI. This means that people with Dolby Vision-capable source devices such as Oppo’s 4K Blu-ray players and the Apple TV 4K can’t actually get those devices to recognize their newly updated Sony TVs as Dolby Vision capable. Nor, it seems, does the firmware update support Dolby Vision playback over USB.

The only Dolby Vision sources that the new firmware update seems to support, in fact, are built-in apps such as Netflix.

So much of an outcry has the Dolby Vision update caused, in fact, that Sony has at the time of writing removed all mentions of Dolby Vision from its latest patch notes. There are even rumors that Sony has started to issue a further patch that takes away again even the limited Dolby Vision support the previous update introduced, but I can’t currently confirm this.

I’ve reached out to Sony for an explanation of what’s going on, but have yet to receive an official response.

One possibility that doesn’t really bear thinking about is that Sony’s current TVs can’t actually support Dolby Vision over HDMI. Preliminary Sony feedback I’ve received, though, suggests that this is certainly not the case and that Sony’s X940E, X930E, A1E and Z9D TVs should indeed be able to play Dolby Vision via HDMI and USB. Also, I actually saw Dolby Vision working over USB on a Sony OLED TV in December, as reported here.

Another explanation is that Sony has decided not to roll out the HDMI part of the update until it’s been able to check and implement the new Dolby-sourced Dolby Vision HDMI ‘bug fix’ I revealed in a recent story.

The most likely explanation at the time of writing, though, as backed up by my early communications with Sony, is that Sony’s TV update has implemented a new ‘profile’ version of Dolby Vision that may be incompatible with the current, older Dolby Vision profiles of various external sources.

As a result, it might be worth making sure that the firmware in your Dolby Vision source equipment is up to date, on the off chance that this fixes the problem. If it does, please let me know via my Twitter account at the bottom of this article. Failing that, it may be that a further frustrating wait is necessary before Oppo, Apple and so on update their devices with the latest Dolby Vision profiles.

Naturally, I’ll update this story or post a separate update once I get more official information from Sony.

Liens vers les fichiers pdf des white papers:

White Paper Dolby Vision and HDR10 ... _HDR10.pdf

White Paper Dolby Vision™ for the Home ... -paper.pdf
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Message » 24 Jan 2018 19:20 ... 5d26e5498a

Sony TV Dolby Vision Problem Update: Sony And Oppo Respond


Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own.
As you’ll know if you read my article last week, the recently rolled out Dolby Vision update to high-end Sony TVs has turned out be more of a nightmare than the dream come true Sony fans had hoped for.

The thing is, contrary to all expectations - including, it seems, Sony’s! - the update only allows Dolby Vision to play from streamed sources such as Netflix. It does not support Dolby Vision playback over HDMI or USB. Which means, remarkably, no support for Dolby Vision from key high quality external devices such as the Apple TV 4K and Oppo’s much-loved 4K Blu-ray players.

I’ve been in touch with all the main affected parties (Dolby, Apple, Sony and Oppo), and have now received some official comment from the last two of these brands to go with the unofficial information I included in my previous story.

Photo: Sony
The amazing Sony XBR-65Z9D can (in the US) now handle Dolby Vision video. Just not over HDMI...

Here, first, is Sony’s official line, as provided by both Sony’s European and American wings (though oddly Sony UK refused to comment on the grounds that the update hasn’t yet rolled out there!).

“In January, 2018, Sony will release a software update enabling Dolby Vision on select TV models (U.S. model series: Z9D, A1E, X930E, X940E). After the Sony TV receives the software update, devices with Dolby Vision playback (such as streaming media players and UHD Blu-Ray players) that are connected to the Sony TV by HDMI will also require a software update to support Dolby Vision playback through the device. For more information on the timing of a software update for your device, please contact the player device manufacturer.”

Note that the European press release differs slightly from the US one in that it states that the update won’t roll out there until February now. Which isn’t exactly a surprise given the issues surrounding the firmware’s US release.

The official statement essentially confirms what a Sony contact told me last week. Namely that there is no way of fixing the issue inside Sony’s TVs; it’s going to depend on the makers of the external source devices to ‘unlock’ the new Sony TV Dolby Vision capabilities.

In other words, your Sony TV’s Dolby Vision support is in the hands of various third party companies, all of whom will be working to their own time scales and some of whom, you can’t help but worry, may not even feel particularly bothered about taking the time to implement a Dolby Vision ‘profile’ that only Sony Dolby Vision TVs appear to need.

Dolby Vision on 4K Blu-rays is particularly good. So hopefully owners of current high-end Sony TVs will one day be able to experience it!

My Sony contact from last week states that Sony had been assured ahead of launching the firmware that all external devices had already received the necessary firmware update, but this is patently not the case. In fact, as we’ll see in a moment, the response from Oppo suggests that the companies who make the external equipment were either completely unaware that such a ‘Sony- specific’ update was necessary, or else were only at the very start of looking at how to implement it.

We can only speculate as to who it was who told Sony there shouldn’t be any issues with its DV update and external equipment, but the suspicion has to be that it was Dolby. It’s hard to believe Sony just taking the word of anyone else on such a key bit of information. Dolby, incidentally, has yet to respond to my repeated requests for further information.

In any case, though, it seems pretty amazing that Sony would just have assumed everything would work rather than just connecting an Apple TV 4K and Oppo 4K Blu-ray player to an upgraded Sony TV, just to double check all was well.

The fact that this situation has arisen also raises intriguing questions as to why Sony’s TVs appear to be some kind of ‘special case’ where Dolby Vision is concerned. From what I gather, the update to the source equipment is designed to take some of the processing burden away from the TVs, suggesting that Sony’s 2017 models and the 2016 Z9D aren’t as innately geared up for Dolby Vision as models from, say, LG and Vizio. (Though I’m not suggesting the resulting pictures when they finally arrived won’t look as good.)

The Oppo UDP-203 can play Dolby Vision UHD Blu-ray discs. Just not, currently, into Sony TVs.

If Dolby has managed to create a ‘lighter’ Dolby Vision update for TVs that shares the workload more with DV sources, then you can’t help but wonder if other currently non Dolby Vision TVs might also potentially be able to receive DV firmware updates in the future if their manufacturers decide to pay the necessary licence fee.

Finally, let’s turn to Oppo’s succinct but fortunately promising response: “OPPO is working with Dolby and [chip maker] MTK to overcome this issue. We do not have a time scale as to when we will have a fix, but it is a priority.”

So the good news here is that Oppo is clearly committed to delivering the necessary update to make its 4K Blu-ray players compatible with Sony’s DV TVs. The bad news is that it’s a collaborative process that appears to still be in its relatively early stages, with no ‘end date’ in sight.

I’ll keep chasing all the concerned parties - especially Apple and Dolby - and will report back again if any of them share anything interesting.
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Message » 24 Jan 2018 19:54

"The official statement essentially confirms what a Sony contact told me last week. Namely that there is no way of fixing the issue inside Sony’s TVs; it’s going to depend on the makers of the external source devices to ‘unlock’ the new Sony TV Dolby Vision capabilities.

In other words, your Sony TV’s Dolby Vision support is in the hands of various third party companies, all of whom will be working to their own time scales and some of whom, you can’t help but worry, may not even feel particularly bothered about taking the time to implement a Dolby Vision ‘profile’ that only Sony Dolby Vision TVs appear to need."

Je traduis, mais je ne ferai pas de commentaire, car c'est pas glorieux de tirer sur l'ambulance ... :mdr:

"La déclaration officielle confirme pour l'essentiel ce qu'un contact chez Sony m'avait dit la semaine dernière. C'est à dire qu'il n'y a pas de solution pour résoudre ce problème à l'intérieur des TVs Sony; "déverrouiller" les nouvelles capacités Dolby Vision des TVs Sony va dépendre des fabricants des périphériques extérieurs.

En d'autres termes, le support Dolby Vision de votre TV Sony est entre les mains des différents fabricants de périphériques, qui travailleront tous selon leur propre agenda, et pour certains d'entre eux on ne peut s'empêcher de penser, qu'ils n'en auront cure, étant donné que ce nouveau profil Dolby Vision n'est semble t-il requis que par les TVs Sony"
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Message » 24 Jan 2018 21:11

Question bête. On ne peut pas convertir un fichier en dolby vision?
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Message » 25 Jan 2018 1:43

... je ne pense pas, car cette conversion est faite "à la main" en studio lors de la post production, et selon les instructions et désirs du metteur en scène ... :wink:

Pour le HDR10+ en revanche, c'est un algorithme qui le fait, donc le DV respectera toujours plus les intentions du metteur en scène que le HDR10+ qui s'en remet à des calculs, mais du coup le HDR10+ reviendra toujours bien moins cher à implémenter, car il n'y a pas d'intervention humaine, il est en quelque sorte "automatique" ... :wink:
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Message » 25 Jan 2018 23:51 ... some-hope/

Sony Dolby Vision TV Problem Update: Apple tvOS 11.3 Beta Gives Some Hope.

Apple developers are reporting that the tvOS 11.3 Beta system update they’ve just received for their Apple TV 4K boxes appears to fix the Sony Dolby Vision TV incompatibility issue I’ve been reporting on over the past few days.

According to various forum posts over the past few hours, people in the US with Apple developer accounts who use Sony TVs that have received the recently the Dolby Vision update can now play Dolby Vision from their Apple TV 4K boxes.

The 4K Dolby Vision option now appears in the list of video playback settings available in the Apple TV 4K’s system menus, and the Sony TVs switch to their Dolby Vision picture settings profile as they would if you were watching a Netflix Dolby Vision stream using the TV’s internal Netflix app.

According to developers, the tvOS 11.3 Beta lets the Apple TV 4K output Dolby Vision to recently upgraded Sony TVs. Hallelujah.

I must stress that this information has not been confirmed to me by Apple itself. However, the reports of the Apple TV 4K delivering Dolby Vision to upgraded Sony TVs working seem reliable and widespread enough to take as fact.

This is, of course, very good news indeed for owners of Sony Z9D, A1E, X930E and X940E TVs, who previously had only been certain that they’d be able to enjoy Dolby Vision HDR via their TV’s built-in apps.

The fact that Apple has been able to deliver the update so quickly suggests that either implementing the Sony TV-capable Dolby Vision firmware is pretty easy, or else Apple has had access to the update for some time - scenarios which both raise hopes that other external Dolby Vision-capable devices (such as Oppo’s 4K Blu-ray players and the Google Chromecast Ultra) won’t be too far behind in upgrading their DV systems to support Sony’s TVs. (See my story from yesterday for an update from Oppo on this situation.)

If you want to be able to get the tvOS 11.3 update on your Apple TV as soon as the public Beta is made available (this can be as little as a day or two after the developers get theirs), make sure you’ve got ‘Get Beta Updates’ selected in the Software Update section of your Apple TV 4K’s system menu.
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Message » 26 Jan 2018 19:21 ... ssion=true

Les amplis marantz et denon sont compatibles depuis le début DV faible latence.

La configuration dans mon profil

Sony 83a90j & Sony 65A8/ source: pchc vega64nitro+, chinoppo/ 3 Divatech cl28, 4 Divatech diva18 sur et back, 6 dali alteco C1 atmos/ Anthem avm70/ nad208thx, nad t973 et hk 2.1signature / velodyne spl1200u
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Message » 29 Jan 2018 13:25

Sony: mise à jour Dolby Vision HDMI
"Le firmware attendu de la TV Sony avec SoC X1 Xtreme sera disponible en Europe d'ici la fin du mois de février, permettant la lecture Dolby Vision du contenu en streaming: une mise à jour supplémentaire sera nécessaire pour les sources HDMI" ... 12962.html ... t=&act=url
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Message » 29 Jan 2018 15:06

il est amusant de constater que ces mises à jours ne concerneront finalement qu'une très faible proportions des clients de sony. en effet par exemple pour les TV 2017 de la marque, sur 26 modèles commercialisés (du début de gamme au haut de gamme) moins d'un tiers seront concernés par ces mises à jours.
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Message » 26 Avr 2018 19:48

Pour mon tv Sony 65 XE 9305 Dolby Vision en place depuis 4 jours. Testé sur des films Netflix en hdr. Sublime ! :D :D :D
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