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quelle oreillette xbox one a de bonnes basses?

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Some free online games for kids are so well designed that they transcend beyond simply being games and start being works of art. Games so expertly and thoughtfully crafted that they would make Michelangelo (the Renaissance artist, not the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle) blush.

What makes the human species any different from the rest of the living organisms on this wonderful blue and green space rock? What makes us special? Is it our ability to create huge cities and work together? Ants create cities just as vast as ours in scale, with intricacies as complicated as any of our sprawling metropolises. (Plus, newest research shows that the manner in which ants communicate varies slightly from hive to hive, while still being understandable to all ants of the same species - ants even have their own ant-accents! So not only have ants got the ability to built complicated city like structures, they have their own way of speaking in that city! *Ant slaps the hood of an Ant taxi while yelling: “Hey! I’m walking here!”*)

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What about our ability to craft tools to better our lives? Nope, that one ain’t uniquely human either. Turns out many species have the ability to craft tools. Chimpanzees, Capuchin Monkeys, some species of ants, certain birds of paradise, and dolphins, who adorably uses sponges to protect their noses, aaaaahhh…

Maybe it’s our ability to create? We built things everyday, some of them breathtakingly complex. But what about the weaver birds, effortlessly weaving a new nest? What about the spider, diligently crafting a silky trap of death? Animals all over the world have the ability to create. But where the human species differ from the rest of the animal kingdom is our ability to create for no other reason than to express ourselves. We, my fellow upright hominids, are able to create art!
Art is the one thing that distinguishes us from the animal world. It is the way we make sense of the world around us. Indeed, it has been said that if science serves to explain the world we live in, then art serves to explain how we feel about the explanation. Art is an intricate part of our humanity, I would venture to say, it's the defining part of our humanity. And now, our love affair with expression has made its way into the realm of online games, available to play for free, with no download required.

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Black is a minimalist work of understated brilliance!

This free online game went full minimalist vibe on us, and we’re not just talking about the title. Whoever was in charge of the art design when creating Black should take a bow, they did a wonderful job. Black will require more than the fair share of lateral thinking from anyone who wants to come even remotely close to finishing it.

The problems you are faced with are challenging, but not impossible. If you let your imagination drift of a bit you will be sure to come up with a creative solution to even the most tricky of problems. And the ability for your imagination to drift is enhanced by the minimal art design. What an absolute stroke of genius! Using minimalist art to fulfil a function. Frank Stella would be proud.

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CircloO 2

CircloO 2 Employs various elements well to create a beautiful game!

The very first time that I played CircloO 2 I completely and utterly fell in love with it. In fact, it was the startling beauty of this game that inspired me to write this article about free online games as works of art! CircloO 2 transports you into a magical world of nuanced simplicity. You play as a circle inside of a bigger circle. Each level consists of several stages that needs to be completed in order to access the next. Each level is a bigger glimpse of an outward expanding circle. The gameplay is so well designed that it actually becomes relaxing rolling your circle this way and that. And when you add a soundtrack of such blissful serenity you get a effective combo of playability, beauty and relaxation! Just the thing for that Monday afternoon lull.


See things from a different point of view with Rotate!

Rotate is one game that made the list, not so much because of its beauty and design, but rather the ability to create something new by thinking out of the box. That is an art it itself. But this free online game does not merely think outside of the box. It turns the box through 90 degrees at a time, examining the box from a different point of view. And that is precisely what you will need to do if you want to complete Rotate! At first glance Rotate looks like just another platform game, but don't be fooled! You need to turn the world on its head to solve this platform. You do this by pressing Q or E, but be careful to avoid the spikes and other items that will cause your death!

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Coloruid 2

Don't be fooled by Coloruid 2 simple design, this game is hard!

Coloruid 2 is a deceptively difficult online game that will have you scratching your head in no time! You have limited moves in which you have to turn all the different colors into one color, simple right? This game’s art design might create the idea that this game is simple, but don't fall for it! The beautiful gameplay will keep you entertained for hours on end! And all without spending a penny. Yeah, that’s right... This artfully designed game is available to be played for free right now in your browser!


Conquering others brings colors to your black and white world!

One of the most difficult aspects of art to master is the ability to use your limitations to your advantage. That is exactly what Halla does so extremely well! Halla embraced the pixel-bit nature of the lower end gaming world and used it to make their free online games more memorable! Build your horde of nordic warriors as you attempt to over through your opponents spirit tower! Man, I don’t care who you are, that’s rock and roll!

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