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Beginner questions (calibrating Panasonic V20)

Message » 18 Jan 2011 21:24

I hope someone can give me a few hints or links to the following topics.

I have the following components, an HDTV (Panasonic V20) with a Blu-Ray player and a MacBook connected. I want to have a calibrated playback from both connections. A Spyder 2 is available to me together with Spyder 2.x Pro software, and I also have HCFR installed now (have both OS X and Windows version available, but will play movies only through OS X and likely as MKV files via VLC).

What is the best procedure for obtaining a calibrated MKV playback from the MacBook?

As the Spyder software can make me a ICC profile I assume it can do the job for me. The Spyder Pro software has a HDTV REC 709 target which I believe I should use, right? I am adjusting white balance with the HDTV's RGB gain options, the rest is on default for the custom picture setting Professional 2. Everything else is calibrated by Spyder software resulting in a ICC file to use on the MacBook. Does this seem right / optimal? Should I rather do something with HCFR?

For the LG Blu Ray player, I guess I shall use HCFR together with the AVS HD 709 disc from, right? What is the best tutorial for using that combination?

For regular DVB-C viewing, how do I make a calibration there? I cannot, to my knowledge, inject reference calibration images via the antenna DVB input, or? Perhaps use Spyder software or HCFR with a proper target and let the computer generate the image, but then what should color target be? PAL or HDTV 709? I guess different productions/programs/channels broadcast with different color target or? SDTV vs HDTV or even program to program.

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