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SmartDVB 0.4.0 Beta 1

Message » 30 Avr 2014 18:20

voici un logiciel DVB gratuit pour votre PC !
Presentation :
A practical, useful and effective software utility worth having when you need to watch your favorite TV channels with minimum effort
SmartDVB is a comprehensive and reliable application that allows you to watch your favorite TV channels.
Specially designed for satellites or cable TV cards, SmartDVB provides you with a simple means of scanning a specific frequency list and viewing only the TV channels you are interested in.

Here are some key features of "SmartDVB":
· Remote usage
· Replay DVB files
· OSD (on-screen-display) which can be used as a HTPC / PVR setup through a remote channel
· Supports MD-API plugins
· Optimized EVR
· Use multiple monitors
· Customizable input settings for keyboard
· DVB subtitles

· Internet Connection
· VLC media player
Site officiel:
Telechargement :
SmartDVB 0.4.0 Beta 1 sorti aujourd'hui :
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Message » 27 Oct 2014 18:04

SmartDVB 0.4.0 RC disponible :

v0.4.0 rc
- added: timeout message for scheduled action start (30 seconds default value) added to schedule settings dialog.

- modified: record all audio PID's for transport stream recordings moved to record settings dialog and should now also be used for normal manual recordings (previously it only worked for scheduled recordings).

- added: chroma subsampling (4:2:0, 4:2:2 etc) to the additional video status, needs testing.

- modified: pressing the 'play'/'pause' keys now toggles play/paused state, previously it would remain at the chosen state.

- fixed: timeshift pause did not work correctly (introduced bug). Some modifcations to timeshift code with regards to this.

- modified: some addons interface calls modified (DoDiseqc doesn't require the full channel data but instead uses the transponder and satellite structures, which is more appropriate not all channel data is needed by this call, this might break existing addons, but since there aren't many yet i figured it wouldn't be much of a problem If you have build an addon you'll need to rebuild with the current addon example headers to be sure)

- modified: some setup changes. If you had undefined problems with upgrades previously please try again.

- improved: osd timeshift button states (ff/play/pause didn't always update button state correctly).

- added: end time to add schedule task dialog (by requests).

- improved: smartosd transparency slider settings is more verbose now (seemed unclear to some)

- added: EIT event description on the main epg pane is now also shown in the edit field.

- modified: by default dvb-t offset settings are not used (too many users seem to have issues with this). Added an option to the scanner dialog to specifically enable offset addition to the currently scanned dvb-t frequency.

- improved: EPG ampersand "&" would be incorrectly translated to underscore at some places.

- added: blindscanner option to disable retries when no data is received.

- added: option to diseqc settings to not show 'positioner moving ...' message when moving a positioner/rotor.

- fixed: scanner bugfix where MIS values would not be shown correctly with a sort selected/active.

- improved: some modifications to to enable it to tune dvb-t/c (dvb-t tested).

- fixed: bug which could occasionally cause a crash when using the diseqc console.

- added: basic RF scanner. Only works with streamreader.dll supported devices so don't try this otherwise won't work. Might be removed for final version if it causes too many issues. Added for testing/feedback.

- updated: streamreader.dll to current version.
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