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Message » 19 Aoû 2008 11:23

On reste en contact pour la (très compromise) suite...
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Message » 20 Aoû 2008 23:25

Coming up in September: RoadTour Serbia: A number of Serbian hifi manufacturers have invited us to inspect their facilities, sample their products and report on their domestic scene. With Aleksandar Radisavljevic of Raal Advanced Loudspeakers the coordinator of the trip, all we know at present is that we'll show up in Belgrade and get picked up by our first host, to be handed over to the next and so on. Solaja Audio, Trafomatic Audio, Raal Ribbons and NAT Audio will be stops along the way - and whatever other surprises our hosts might cook up. We'll bring cameras, laptop and plenty of curiosity. This should be great fun and educational all at once, just the kind of assignment that turns my crank... ... tures.html
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