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Ligne Infocus 2006 : IN76, IN74, IN72

Message » 05 Jan 2006 2:14

Il semblerait que le IN72 sorte aux USA le 15 janvier...
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Message par Google » 05 Jan 2006 2:14


Encart supprimé pour les membres HCFR

Message » 05 Jan 2006 5:53

..y'a le temps alors.... :mdr:

en tout cas le look moderne,classe ,change réellement de ce que l'on a l'habitude de voir
clap clap
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Message » 05 Jan 2006 10:10

Il est Superbe!


aucun détail sur le DLP utilisé?

Sur le IN76 c'est un 720p...

-DLP @ 1280x768?
-Iris dynamique?
-Prix? (3000$ ou 2500$)
-DCDI ou

Bref un H3000 plus beau & moins chère (on peut rêver...) ... 4442.shtml

Ps la prise c'est bien une M1DA (c'est annoncé sur quelques site...)

EDIT: ... 352,00.htm

certain site l'annonce a 2000$....
Dernière édition par Ptcruiser le 05 Jan 2006 10:38, édité 1 fois.
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Message » 05 Jan 2006 10:34

Note de presse:

InFocus Sets the Ultimate Stage to Play Big; InFocus Play Big: Digital Projection Has Never Looked So Good

InFocus brings home entertainment to a new level with the introduction of the Play Big series of digital home projectors. With curved lines, a high-gloss black finish and satin chrome accents, the projectors connect to home-electronic devices including: DVD players, satellite receivers, high-definition broadcast receivers, TVs, computers, and major video game consoles.

WILSONVILLE, Ore.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 3, 2006--Knowing the action is just minutes away, the crowd cheers in anticipation of the raw energy about to rush over them. Rock concert or football game, being there used to be the only way to experience the intensity and thrill of these moments. Not anymore. Now fans at home can share in the excitement, fill their field of vision with the action and surround themselves with the experience. InFocus(R) (Nasdaq:INFS), the industry pioneer and leader in the projection market, brings the world a new level of entertainment at home with the introduction of the InFocus Play Big series of digital home projectors.

InFocus introduces the Play Big entertainment portfolio, delivering outstanding performance with a look reminiscent of a sports car. Design meets digital projection with a stylish edge including curved lines with a high-gloss black finish and satin chrome accents to complement any decor whether the lights are on or off.

And the view is breathtaking. InFocus Play Big projectors are brighter than most plasma TVs and offer consumers the best value per diagonal inch for big screen viewing. InFocus Play Big produces a stunning image ranging from 60" to filling a wall with 144" diagonal. All this in a clean, sculptural package that can be proudly displayed in any home environment.

"InFocus' innovation is hard at work in the Play Big portfolio," said Scott Ballantyne, chief marketing officer, InFocus. "With the combination of style, a vivid picture and affordability, InFocus is creating a new category of digital projection that delivers a theater size experience in an affordable, easy to use and sleek package."

Big Picture Solutions

The new InFocus Play Big IN72, IN74EX and IN76 fill the wall, or a screen, with bright, vivid and crisp images, capturing every detail of a movie, sporting event, video game or other big picture viewing event. Whether it's the most hilarious line in a comedy, a suspenseful plot twist in a drama or the moment the underdog team makes an incredible comeback, InFocus Play Big projectors deliver an amazing big picture experience.

-- For consumers looking for their first home entertainment system, the InFocus Play Big IN72 is an affordable 480p resolution projector bringing the big picture experience to home entertainment and gaming.

-- The InFocus Play Big IN74EX features native 576p resolution, which provides a nice balance between DVD resolution and HDTV. The IN74EX is available exclusively through authorized custom home theater dealers.

-- The InFocus Play Big IN76 is a performance-rich 720p native HD front projector, bringing a superb big theater experience to the home of the video enthusiast.

The Play Big portfolio is easy to use, featuring auto-ceiling mount detection, integrated table-top pedestal, quiet operation and a patented low light pollution case. The perfect choice for the discerning home theater enthusiast, the Play Big projectors feature true 16:9 aspect ratio and video optimized light output, colors and contrast (model dependent) for excellent video quality and an image larger than traditional plasma, LCD or RPTV options.

InFocus Play Big projectors easily connect to nearly any home-electronic device including: DVD players, satellite receivers, high-definition broadcast receivers, TVs, computers, and major video game consoles. They include an integrated cable cover to hide unwanted wires when ceiling mounted and a unique, integrated swivel pedestal that simplifies tabletop set-up and is easily removed for ceiling mount applications.

InFocus Play Big includes the latest Texas Instruments(R) enhanced definition DLP(TM) (Digital Light Processing) chip, the benchmark for video projection. The video image is enhanced with Pixelworks(TM) DNX video processing for superb brightness, contrast and overall video quality. All models come calibrated to D65 color standards to ensure cinema-quality color reproduction. Additionally, InFocus Play Big projectors include the latest inputs such as HDMI (high definition multimedia interface), which provides the easiest and highest-quality video interface available from DVD players, HD receivers and new HD game consoles enabled with HDCP (high-bandwidth digital contents protection).

With the introduction of Play Big, consumers can select their stage of choice, sit back and let InFocus Play Big do the rest.


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Message » 05 Jan 2006 11:07


Quelques réponses grâce au PDF du IN76

- Texas Instruments® DLP® DarkChip2™ 720p 12° DMD
- Video Processing: Pixelworks™ DNX™ 10 bit video decoder and scaler
- 6-segment color wheel (6500K color temperature), D65 color calibration
- Calibrated Contrast Ratio: 3000:1 full on/full off, typical
- Video Optimized Lumens: 1000 ANSI max

pas mal mais pas un clone du HC3k...
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Message » 05 Jan 2006 12:35

Il sont vraiment superbes ces nouveaux venus...

Mais une fois de plus, aucune indication sur le bruit de la ventilation ... Visiblement chez Infocus c'est pas une priorité :-(

Si moins de 28 DB (j'ose espérer, mais j'en doute...) - dans quelques temps j'aurais un 5700 à vendre !
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Message » 05 Jan 2006 17:57


les prix semblent fixés en Europe, ou tout au moins en Allemagne :

2000 € pas mal, non :wink: ?
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Message » 05 Jan 2006 18:20

Bonjour à nouveau,

les prix sont mêmes confirmés en Français :

Quand je pense qu'il y a peu, voir un DLP en 720 en dessous de 4 K€ relevait de l'exploit :wink:
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Message » 05 Jan 2006 19:09

Il faut voir comment ils marchent, mais ils ont déjà au moins l'avantage de l'élégance : ça claque le laqué noir ;)
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Message » 06 Jan 2006 15:17

le thread sur avs:

Le mini site sur infocus:

Et sur le CES

(avec du nouveau côté marketing....)
Infocus...the big picture
Play Big

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Message » 06 Jan 2006 22:23

Et niveau dB ça donne quoi; parce qu' Infocus n'est pas trop fort sur ce secteur.
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Message » 09 Jan 2006 8:49


Optoma & InFocus Intro Lower-Cost 720p Projectors

Posted by Ramon G. McLeod
Friday, January 06, 2006, 11:15 PM (PST)

Optoma and InFocus, companies that arguably have had the two biggest hits in the entry-level home theatre projector market over the last two years, are going at again, this time with lower-cost 720p, true HDTV resolution projectors.

InFocus's high-res candidate, the Play Big IN76, comes out in February, and should list for about $3,000, a very competitive price for a 720p resolution HT projector. It is supposed to be available in February.


The IN76 uses Pixelworks’ DNX video-processing technology and the 720p DarkChip2 DLP from Texas Instruments, boasts 1000 lumens brightness and a 3000:1 contrast ratio. The new projector has a six-segment color wheel and has a DVI/HDMI connection along with all the usual other video inputs.

Optoma's answer is the HD72 home theater projector, which will also ship in February, but is expected to cost under $2000. It too features the Texas Instruments DarkChip2 chipset, has a 7-segment color wheel, and HDMI connectivity, along with the usual video inputs.


It will be interesting to see how these two products do against each other in the market, given the incredible successes of their entry level products over the last year, especially with the HT projector market expected to boom this year.
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Message » 09 Jan 2006 17:30


I started Day 2 in search of InFocus and the new IN76... the catalog showed InFocus over at the Sands so away I went. Unfortunately the booth contained a sign saying that InFocus was located over in the Main Convention Center... DOH! Somehow I missed it yesterday, but managed to get there after a snail-paced bus ride. The IN72 was being shown in a small room with a black curtain only partially drawn to secure the room. The show floor faced the screen so it was not a perfect venue, but compared to others it was marvelous… and you could shut the curtain if there were not too many people trying to peer in. The IN72 looks terrific, given that it is a 480p projector. I never had much time to spend with the Optoma H31 when it morphed from the H30. The difference between the two was the use of the DarkChip 2 from TI and you can tell a difference. The colors seem more saturated and pleasing. However there was a price to be paid with the H31 and it is still visible on the new IN72, and that is SDE. You have to have a room where you can set up your seating at least 2.0x from the screen to get the SDE to an acceptable level. Apparently the DarkChip technology also darkens the inter-pixel gap in addition to whatever else is going on, which makes the SDE more apparent than on the earlier chip. So there are benefits, but tradeoff’s to get them. The picture was quite bright and InFocus reports the IN72 at 900 lumens (150 more than the 4805), 2000:1 Contrast, 6 segment 4x color wheel, and a 3000 hour lamp. For those of you unfamiliar with InFocus products the company has historically been much more accurate in it’s reporting of lumens than have many others. Quite often the number IF reports are the projector’s “calibrated” lumen number. It will be available in February for $1,299.
IF also has a new IN74ex model (576p native) that will be available in March at an MSRP of $1,999, but was not being demonstrated.
The IN76 will also make its debut in March at an MSRP of $2,999 which is $500 higher than many of the rumors that were running around AVS (wishful thinking I guess). All of the new projectors are in sleek black cases and produce much less noise than their previous counterparts. Exactly how little noise I could not tell as the units on display were all Beta units and there was too much ambient noise from the show to judge how they would sound in a HT environment. The IN76 is using the Pixelworks processing chip which is a departure from the Faroudja processing used in the previous generation. The IN76 is also reported as using a 6 segment 4x color wheel, with 1000 lumens and a 3000:1 contrast ration. Interestingly enough the IN76 did not report what bulb wattage was being used or what the expected bulb life would be. I can tell you I thought the image was beautiful and for those of you interested the SDE was visible until approx. 1.2x screen width.
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Message » 10 Jan 2006 11:08


Infocus IN72, IN74 et IN76 - Suite
Jeudi 5 Janvier 2006
InFocus nous donne enfin les informations qui vous manquaient.

Disponibilité: 1er trimestre 2006 (il a commencé il y a 4 jours)

Tous les modèles ont en commun le dernier processeur DLP de chez Texas Instrument, un traitement video "Pixelworks DNX", les entrées HDMI et tout cela sous un capot à l'esthétique très réussie.

Les différences entre les 3 modèles sont principalement dans la résolution choisie et explique donc les 3 niveaux de prix:

Play Big IN72: 480p pour 1299€
Play Big IN74: 576p pour 1699€
Play Big IN76: 720p pour 1999€
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Message » 10 Jan 2006 12:38

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