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HCFR Probe SDK kit needed if possible? Patrice? Benoit?

Message » 19 Juin 2010 1:59

Hi Gentlemen , I am not sure if you are working on another version of the HCFR software but there are many HCFR probe owners who would love to have your excellent Probe work with other software like CalMan and the NEw ChromaPure from Tom Huffman.

I asked them both if they could support your awesome Probe , i only received a response from Tom and ChromaPure.
So would it be possible to allow this? Is there some sort of Licensee you'd like to have or a deal that could be made?
I have made a few of your sensors with the latest dual sensor design and it works flawlessly. I have used the Mac OS X to load the V5.4 probe firmware and calibrate it against my i1 Pro.

Tom said he be interested in adding support for the probe.

this is what he would need.

1. A meter to work with.

I can supply him with one.

2. A test application (presumably HCFR would work for this)

he can get that from your site

3. A driver for the meter.

Your software has it in the USB-Pilote folder

4. Some written material that serves the purpose of an SDK. It lays out how the programmer interfaces with the meter so that it can communicate with the software.

This is where i would need you to help out if possible, to provide the SDK you used to communicate from HCFR to the DIY Probe.

So what do you say?

I have tested the new TAOS TCS3200D sensor chip with your existing design and it works great.

I can try to get more from TAOS directly as I have a contact there now. I have enough chips now to make about 10 more probes.

And of course I plan to donate to your site for the great effort you have put to COLOR HCFR.
and we can work out a deal for each probe I sell .

PM me with any details if your intrested.

Here is the Thread on the CurtPalme Web Site ... highlight=

I really appreciate all you have done .

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