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[HDI Dune] Traduction Firmware 120608_1420_beta

Message » 08 Juin 2012 1:29

Comme à mon habitude, je vous fourni la traduction du dernier firmware disponible...

Avec cette traduction, vous aurez votre interface 100% français.

Téléchargement du firmware:

- Téléchargez le firmware dédié à votre platine : ici

Procédure d'installation du fichier de langue:

- Téléchargez l'archive contenant la traduction française: ici.

- Dézippez le contenu de l'archive à l'aide de Winrar ou autre.

- Copiez le fichier "dune_language_french_120608_1420_beta.txt" sur une clé USB, ou le disque dur interne de la Dune, voir même sur un de vos disques réseaux.

- Sur la Dune, parcourez les fichiers et lancez le fichier "dune_language_french_120608_1420_beta.txt".

- Validez ensuite la demande d'installation et votre interface sera entièrement francisée.

- Si les paramètres ne sont pas pris en compte, redémarrez la Dune.

Changements du Firmware 120608_1420_beta:

* A new application architecture is used, which enables the features listed
- NOTE: The new application architecture affects a lot of things and is
not well debugged yet, so some firmware functions may potentially be
broken or work worse in comparison with the previous firmware
versions. If some function is broken on the firmware version
120531_2201_beta, it is recommended to recheck it on firmware version
120531_2200_beta (which is exactly the same as 120531_2201_beta, but
with the old application architecture), or on firmware version

* Web browser and FlashLite applications engine are better integrated with
the main UI, resulting in faster start/stop w/o HDMI reinitialization.
- NOTE: The set of supported video modes reduced (rarely used
PC-specific video modes, which are unsupported by Web browser and
FlashLite applications, are removed).

* Added API for the development of custom fullscreen applications based on
HTML+JavaScript or C+DirectFB/Qt, running simultaneously with media
- The video can be played in background, with the application GUI acting
as an OSD on top of video.
- The provided STB JavaScript API and STB C API allow the application to
control media playback and other STB functions.
- SDK and API documentation is provided to integration partners on

* Added two fullscreen HTML-based applications:
- Vidimax Internet-video service (for Russia only).
- Divan.TV Internet-video service (for Ukraine only).
- NOTE: At the moment, these applications may require video mode to be
set to 720p.

* Added a set of preinstalled applications.

- Facebook.
- Twitter.
- AccuWeather.
- YouTube.
- RuTube (Russian language only).
- Videomore (Russian language only).
- TV Rain (Russian language only).
- Horoscope (Russian language only).
- RIA news (Russian language only).
- Poverhnost TV (Russian language only).
- Megogo (for Russia, Ukraine and other ex-USSR countries only).
- (for Ukraine only).
- (for Ukraine only).
- Games: chess, four, sudoku, memory, tetris (Russian language only),
snake (Russian language only).

* Web browser improvements.

- A new version of web browser engine is used.
- Browser performance slightly improved.
- Dune HD TV-101 and TV-301: Spatial navigation support is added:
navigate through the elements of the web page using LEFT/RIGHT/UP/DOWN
RC buttons.
- Some other improvements and fixes.

* DVB-T improvements.

- TV OSD is now used during DVB-T playback.
- Added EPG showing.
- Added support for DVB-T channels icons.
- DVB-T buffering and channel switching improvements.

* UI improvements.

- Text fields in the main menu do not require any more to press ENTER to
edit the text: text fields are now always "active" and the text can be
edited immediately.
- RC button "D" in text fields in the main menu can be used to show the
on-screen virtual keyboard. Currently, only English and Russian
languages are supported.
- Animation added in some places where it was missed previously.
- TV OSD improvements:
- ENTER on TV channel which is already played just closes the OSD and
does not restart the playback.
- Navigating to a different TV channel resets the EPG panel to today.

* Playback improvements.

- Added support for HLS protocol for streaming media content. Adaptive
bitrate is supported. VOD and Live TV/radio modes are supported. AES
encryption is supported.
- media_url syntax: http://{host}[:{port}][/{path}].m3u8[?{args}]
- More details:

- Added support for RTSP protocol for streaming media content. Only MPEG-TS
streams are supported. RTSP+RTP and RTSP-over-TCP modes are supported.
VOD and Live TV/radio modes are supported.
- media_url syntax: rtsp://{host}[:{port}][/{path}]
- More details:

- Improved multicast IPTV playback support.
- Faster playback startup and faster switch between multicast IPTV
- Fixed problems which took place sometimes when the user attempted
to switch between IPTV channels too quickly.
- Improved errors detection and handling.
- Added possibility to pause/resume the playback (with picture
- Added support for DVB subtitles.
- Added support for teletext passthrough (works with some TV models).

- Improved support for playback of MP4 files via HTTP protocol.
- Autoframerate enabled also for MP4 files played via HTTP protocol
using "http://mp4://" media_url syntax.
- Optimized playback of MP4 files via HTTP protocols w/o the use of
"http://mp4://" media_url syntax.

- Improved support for playback of HTTP/TS streams.

- Performance of playback from SMB shares improved on SMP8670 platform
(Dune HD TV-101 and TV-301 models). Now the SMB performance with Dune
HD TV-101 should be approximately the same as with Dune HD Smart and
Max/Duo models.

* Various new features for application development.

- dune_folder.txt extensions and improvements:
- New parameters:
- paint_details_box_background = yes|no
- help_line_text_color = N
- item_detailed_info_title_color = N
- item_detailed_info_text_color = N
- item_caption_color = N
- item_sandwich_icon_scale_factor = N.N
- More details:

- Added a possibility to specify various playback options in media_url
using "|||dune_params|||" syntax.
- Supported options:
- rtsp_tcp:0|1
- rtsp_seek_via_reopen:0|1
- protocol:hls
- hls_initial_bandwidth:low|high
- hls_key_url_add_query:{string}
- enable_seek:0|1
- buffering_ms:1..60000
- More details:

- Added a possibility to launch web browser using a special media_url
- media_url syntax: www://{HTTP-or-file-URL}[:::{parameters}]
- Supported parameters:
- fullscreen=0|1
- webapp_keys=0|1
- zoom_level={N}
- overscan={N}
- user_agent={string}
- background_color={color}
- More details:

- Dune IP Control API extensions and improvements:
- New IP Control commands:
- start_playlist_playback
- launch_media_url
- get_text
- set_text
- More details:

- Dune FlashLite API extensions and improvements:
- Added support for HTTPS.
- Improved support for USB keyboards.
- New API operations:
- requestPlaylistPlaybackOnExit
- requestPlaylistPlaybackOnExitWithReturn
- requestDVDPlayerOnExit
- requestDVDPlayerOnExitWithReturn
- requestBlurayPlayerOnExit
- requestBlurayPlayerOnExitWithReturn
- More details:

- Dune PHP Plugins API extensions and improvements:
- New GUI actions:
- file_play
- dvd_play
- bluray_play
- playlist_play
- launch_media_url
- change_behavior
- show_black_screen
- show_main_screen
- New GUI events:
- timer
- playback_stop
- New properties in existing data structures:
- GuiAction::params
- PluginInvalidateFoldersActionData::details
- PluginInvalidateFoldersActionData::rate_details
- PluginMovieFolderView::left_button_caption
- PluginMovieFolderView::left_button_action
- PluginMovieFolderView::params
- PluginRegularFolderView::timer
- PluginTvInfo::epg_mode
- PluginVodInfo::initial_position_ms
- PluginVodInfo::advert_mode
- PluginVodInfo::actions
- PluginVodInfo::timer
- ShowDialogActionData::actions
- ShowDialogActionData::timer
- ShowDialogActionData::max_height
- ShowDialogActionData::initial_sel_ndx
- ViewItemParams::item_caption_color
- ViewItemParams::item_sandwich_icon_scale_factor
- ViewParams::paint_details_box_background
- ViewParams::help_line_text_color
- ViewParams::item_detailed_info_title_color
- ViewParams::item_detailed_info_text_color
- New data structures and their properties:
- BlurayPlayActionData::url
- ChangeBehaviourActionData::actions
- ChangeBehaviourActionData::timer
- ChangeBehaviourActionData::post_action
- DvdPlayActionData::url
- FilePlayActionData::url
- GuiTimerDef::delay_ms
- LaunchMediaUrlActionData::url
- LaunchMediaUrlActionData::post_action
- PlaylistPlayActionData::url
- PlaylistPlayActionData::start_index
- PluginFolderViewParams::paint_path_box
- PluginFolderViewParams::paint_content_box_background
- PluginFolderViewParams::background_url
- PluginVodPlayActionData::vod_info
- ShowBlackScreenActionData::post_action
- ShowMainScreenActionData::post_action
- New features related to plugin file structure:
- {plugin_install_dir}/bin/
- The player automatically sets executable permissions on all
files in this directory during plugin installation.
- {plugin_install_dir}/www/{path}
- The player automatically makes these files accessible via
HTTP (locally inside the player, and from the local network):
- http://localhost-or-dune-ip-address/plugins/{plugin_name}/{path}
- {plugin_install_dir}/www/cgi-bin/{path}
- The player automatically makes these CGI applications
accessible via HTTP (locally inside the player, and from the
local network):
- http://localhost-or-dune-ip-address/cgi-bin/plugins/{plugin_name}/{path}
- Other new features:
- Ability to package FlashLite application into plugin and launch
it when the user enters plugin entry point, or when PHP plugin
code decides to call it. Supported via the new "launch_media_url"
- Ability to package HTML page/application into plugin and launch
it in web browser when the user enters plugin entry point, or
when PHP plugin decides to call it. Supported via the new
"launch_media_url" action.
- If the plugin is pure FlashLite or HTML application and does not
need to execute any PHP code, "plain" plugin type can be
specified in plugin manifest instead of "php"; in this case,
there is no need to include PHP program into the plugin and
specify "program" parameter in plugin manifest.
- More details:

* Other minor changes.

- The set of preinstalled UI skins slightly reduced to free some flash
memory for new firmware functions and applications.
- DHCP client sends the information about player model and firmware
version to DHCP server using DHCP vendor specific options.
- Various other minor fixes and improvements.
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Message par Google » 08 Juin 2012 1:29


Encart supprimé pour les membres HCFR

Message » 08 Juin 2012 7:32

Merci :wink:
Mr Eric
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Message » 08 Juin 2012 22:53

Mise à jour ^^
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Message » 29 Juin 2012 15:36

Comme dans le bon vieux temps... ;)

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Message » 01 Juil 2012 20:35


Pour ma dune HD1 je vois que le dernier firmware sur le site est le n°120531_2200 or vous proposez une version française pour la 120608_1420.

Cela fait beaucoup d'avance, mais où est sont donc passé les autres versions ? Ou ce patch est-il fonctionnel avec la 120531_2200 ?

Edit : J'ai trouvé ma réponse : La version 120608 est dispo via l'upgrade de la DUNE uniquement pour l'instant.

Merci pour la VF.
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Message » 03 Juil 2012 11:06

merci :thks:
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