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"Love Supreme" Coltrane SACD

Message » 16 Jan 2003 9:33 ... 6&t=000591

une excellente critique de "love supreme" en sacd de Coltrane
que je cite ici ( ou plutot comparaison sacd / cd )

This might be totally tedious to some, so if you're bored with SACD "hype", do not read on...
I hadn't picked up any SACDs for a while, but finally got my act together and ordered a whole bunch last week (hardly any of the good stuff is out here in Norway yet). So far I've only received 3 of them, with Beck's Sea Change, and a whole bunch of Analogue Productions titles being on back order. So, today I picked up A Love Supreme, In a Silent Way and Ryan Adams' Gold.
First one out was A Love Supreme. I had finally picked up the new Deluxe Edition just a week ago. I was mighty pleased with that - great sound, great packaging and excellent value for money with all the extra stuff. Popping in the SACD, my expectations were high. Within seconds, I found myself focusing on the bass, which I don't think has *ever* happened before with this album (no offense to Jimmy Garrison, of course, but he's got some serious attention-grabbers with him...). Wow! Finally each note is distinct, and not just a wooly pillow for the rest of the music! Then I heard that trademark SACD piano sound. I can't describe it, but I think it's best evidenced by the Kind of Blue SACD. It has a certain "bloom" to it, as opposed to the "clank" of redbook CD. Then, towards the end of Acknowledgment, I heard minute differences in every rim shot Elvin does, something I've never heard before. Wonderful!
During those 7-8 minutes, the music had completely sucked me in. Or rather, the sound...I'm overly familiar with the album, and I was listening specifically for differences in detail and overall soundstage, so you get my drift. So, what of the soundstage? As with all SACDs I've heard (at least of good recordings), I had within those 7-8 minutes been gradually immersed in a "3D" sound, even just in stereo. Each instruments finds its place so much more distinctly than on any redbook CD I've heard. Note that I say "gradually", though. I didn't immediately recognize that "3D" quality.
However, I was eager to find out if this was just all in my mind or really true. I immediately changed to the Deluxe CD version. The difference was immediately noticeable. Every little bit of that magic was gone. Thin, dull, flat...not *bad* sounding at all, but every one of those little minute details that were detectable on the SACD simply weren't there on the redbook CD, at least not in my setup. So...was this just a result of, during the course of 7-8 minutes, to "acclimatize" my ears to the SACD, and "constructing" a soundstage to fit the music that came from the speakers? The SACD went back in, and voila! There it was again, immediately! No time needed to "find" the 3D qualities this time. This has led me to somehow think that there is almost a bit of a "learning" curve to capture all the nuances of DSD. I think of it as those 3D pictures, where you have to stare at a seemingly meaningless picture for a while before it finally forms before you. Before you finally "get" it, you can never believe that there is a "hidden" 3D image in that incongruous mess of a picture. Once you do, however, it gets easier every time. But if you haven't tried it in a while, it's gonna take a little practice to get your skills back (in my experience, anyway). Simlarly with SACDs, it's hard to "crack" the code at first, but once you hear the differences that are there, you'll never look back...

I had similar experiences with In a Silent Way and Gold. I'll only add that the SACDs have body and character where redbook CDs are lean and tight-lipped. Now I'm starting to really want a 5.1 setup as well, so I can enjoy some of the surround mixes I have in my collection (Kind of Blue, Head Hunters, Mysterious Traveller, In a Silent Way and Gold...and many more to come!)

interessant point de vue , il faudrait un temps d'adaptation au SACD pour en decouvrir toutes les subtilites ...

qu'en pensez vous ?

love supreme est dispo sur
il me semble pour ceux qui ne veulent pas commander aux US
( l'un de mes prochains achats planifies )

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Message » 19 Aoû 2006 13:07

Cette comparaison me paraît hautement subjective...

J'ai la version en un seul CD dont le son est épouvantable et j'aimerais savoir si le SACD est de manière évidente nettement meilleure.

Quel est votre avis ?
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Message » 19 Aoû 2006 13:45

j'ai eu le cd deluxe et le sacd et ce dernier est au-dessus ;-) mais bon faut faire l'écoute soi-même.
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Message » 20 Aoû 2006 22:41

J'ai ce SACD, et il est parfaitement écoutable. Pour Info, le souffle est faible et ce SACD trés agréable à écouter.

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Message » 20 Aoû 2006 23:04

Je vous remercie. :wink:
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