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Message » 16 Mai 2008 16:41

Hi everyone!

I'd like to announce a new extensive English guide I've put together for using HCFR:


Over 200 hours of research and writing have gone into this guide so far.

This guide came about as many of our visitors have been asking about greyscale calibration over the years. With reliable colorimeters now under $150 USD and excellent free software like ColorHCFR available, it's a no-brainer that all HT enthusiasts have some sort of colorimeter in their toolbox.

The problem we found is that most of the calibration guides make the assumption that the reader already has the required hardware and software and knew exactly how to set it up properly. Most guides also assume that the reader had a good understanding of terms like D65, stimulus, CIE, etc. Some guides would even provide links to highly technical documents as "required reading". Yes, many of these documents are very good, but not everyone wants to earn a doctorate in colorimetry so that they can set their greyscale properly!

I took a step backwards and made the assumption that the reader has absolutely no knowledge of colour calibration. In fact, this guide assumes that the reader doesn't even *know* what "greyscale calibration" is! My goal was then to explain what it is, why it's important, list the tools needed, where to get them, and walk the reader through the process from start to finish!

I hope people find it useful.

Comments and feedback are appreciated (in either French or English). I'm still tweaking portions of it as questions arise.

To the moderators, HCFR authors, and webmaster of If you think this guide would be useful for your English speaking HCFR users, please feel free to link to it from your HCFR download page. As I'm still tweaking the guide slightly from time to time, a PDF version is not available.

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Message par Google » 16 Mai 2008 16:41


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Message » 16 Mai 2008 18:35

Thank Kal,

This is an excellent guide !

Richard Lemesle
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Message » 16 Mai 2008 18:41

Thanks Richard! I hope it helps out a lot of people in using the excelent ColorHCFR software!

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Message » 11 Mar 2016 20:40

thinks for sharing information
and thinks for help
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Message » 10 Jan 2018 4:29

Thanks a lot
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