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Space: 2099 (Space: 1999 reboot)

Message » 16 Fév 2014 8:27

Space: 2099

C'est le projet de série SF que j'attends le plus en cette période de vaches maigres, parce que c'est une série qui a le potentiel de faire rêver comme l'avait fait Cosmos 1999 en son temps.

On n'est pas près d'en voir les premières images. Toutefois, les créateurs ont récemment donné quelques nouvelles de l'avancement du projet. Alors les voici :

Hello all!

Here is the info that I can provide. Please understand that this does not represent all the information that I would like to give you, but as you know, there are other concerns that limit the scope of what I can discuss. All will come in due time, rest assured. In the meanwhile (and in brief):

Yes, it's been a "long time" since the initial announcement. Of course it only seems like a long time because normally tv companies don't announce projects that they are working on that early on. As some of you know, I originally come from the video game industry and this kind of timing of early project announcements are the norm. There is no secret here, and there have been no problems, disruptions, time limits, or anything else that has taken place since the initial announcement to cause a "delay" of any kind. There has been no actual project "delay." It has all been good.

During all this time, the primary thing that has been worked on is the story/writing/script(s). Space:2099 is very character centric set against huge backdrop that is loaded with implications and discovery. The overall universe setting is very robust.

What this means is that the writing has been approached from two different angles. 1.) Who are the characters and what are their physical, personal and emotional journeys? - And (2.) What is the universe/environment/situation that this is all taking place in? How did it come to be? What are the larger scale machinations? Who/What/Why? Does it all make sense?

We have been big believers in plausibility and making sure that the premise and bible is as detailed and as carefully thought through as possible (even if it is never depicted in series.) This is the stage that we are placing our characters in and if it doesn't make sense, then our characters probably won't either.

So anyway, all that takes time. We have been working with ITV very closely during all this. Their TV development people have been bringing great ideas to the table and we have been going back and forth with script drafts for many months. It has been, and continues to be, a comprehensive process.

Where we are now:

We have reached a point in the development process where we are all comfortable with the amount that has been written and the direction of the project. ITV itself is very excited about what they have on their hands and the team at HDFILMS is appreciative of all of ITV's help and support as Space: 2099 has developed. Obviously I am personally excited too. It is in great shape. Visual effects tests and etc. are all part of what is complete.

As of last week, ITV has initiated discussions with various networks/distributors/destinations in regard to what will be the right home for this tremendous series. (Over the last year and a half we have had many networks/destinations inquire about the project, so in addition to reaching out to new networks we are also following up.) We will see where that takes us. Feedback and interest has been extremely positive because as you know Space: 1999 is now one of the last unexplored major science fiction television brands there is and is a big opportunity for a network/destination to distinguish itself with it.

Regarding the actual CONTENT of Space: 2099:

To be clear, Space: 2099 is not Space: 1999. It is not a continuation of Space: 1999 in any way. There is a reason it is called Space: 2099 and not Space: 1999. In the Battlestar Galactica reboot, the new series was called BATTLESTAR GALACTICA. Same title. "V" kept the same title as "V." It is important to understand this distinction.

With that being said, as I mentioned in a previous interview,
Space: 2099's goal is not to attempt to re-tell the specific story of Space: 1999. We are not trying to make some "dark and gritty" version of Space: 1999. There is no reason to re-tell the Space: 1999 story since we already have Space: 1999! However, through our new story and presentation, Space: 2099 hopes to re-kindle and remind fans of those memories of a show from 35 years ago, but more importantly help bring back to all science fiction fans that sense of awe, fear and incredible spectacle that is the unknown, unexplored universe. It is important that we endeavor to bring something new and exciting to the table.

Space: 2099 is much more serialized in story than Space: 1999. Character progression and story telling can now have meaningful long arcs and significant impact. Certainly, each episode will be a new challenge or discovery, but the way that these events are handled will have longer term effect and implication on our characters and their environment.

Additionally, we have gained some insight by reading and listening to the Space: 1999 community in terms of some thoughts, concerns, fears, and assumptions that can and will be made as the Space: 2099 story is digested. Knowing some of this has helped us craft an even more compelling story and universe, putting in twists and turns that specifically will tap into some of these fan assumptions and then suddenly shatter them with a completely unexpected turn of events. It's exciting stuff. In some ways, established fans will have more fun with Space: 2099 because of this factor -

"Oh god, I totally can see that the show is going to be all about this now… I knew it would go in this direction. I just knew it. So lame. See, that's what I was telling you in the first place, hollywood always has to ruin and do the traditional… OH MY GOD NO WAY THATS CRAZY!! WHAT? NO WAY? NO WAY! THEY LET THEM DO THAT???"

Fingers crossed.

At this point, that is all the information I can provide. I know it's not a lot, but please understand that I am not authorized to discuss much about the project at this point. First and foremost I am a fan of Space: 1999 so please know that it is extremely hard for me not to share more information about the story and everything. I have to sit and see everyone get frustrated and watch people write personal attacks on me as they vent. I don't mind the personal attacks, because I understand. Just know that I'm doing everything I can.

For those fans who are hugely disappointed that these efforts are not specifically about making a new, exact, Space:1999 or a continuance of the Space: 1999 from the 70's- I understand your wish and desire in this area and I hope that one day such a vision can get put together in a way that can attract a large sustainable audience. People are always free to make that case to ITV. I am certainly not against it in any way. The Space: 2099 project was never intended to be that and ITV is the ultimate entity that decides what they believe is viable in the marketplace at this time. Perhaps in great success of Space: 2099, a Space: 1999 series or film such as the one described above might get an opportunity.

That's it for now. Please know that we all really appreciate all of the fan patience and support. We are collectively working hard to make something great and no time is being wasted.

Jace Hall


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Message » 16 Fév 2014 12:14

J'adorais les vaisseaux "Eagle", extrêmement bien pensé à l'époque, un reboot de qualité serait une super nouvelle :P

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Message » 18 Fév 2014 3:32

y'avait un vaisseau nommé "Asimov" à l'epoque ?
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Message » 18 Fév 2014 13:00

Combien d'Aigle 1 j'ai construit en Lego...Je suis fan.Il y avait une tension terrible dans cette série.J'ai hâte de voir cette nouvelle version.

ça m'a sauvé de la religion cette série, je séchais le catéchisme pour regarder :mdr:
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Message » 19 Fév 2014 12:12

Avant Babylon 5, la série Cosmos 1999 (la première saison seulement, car la seconde est beurk...) reste pour moi un chef d'oeuvre. J'adore revoir le 14ème épisode "Un autre royaume de la mort (Death’s Other Dominion)" qui montre le prix que l'on paye à être immortel...
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Message » 19 Fév 2014 17:16

Je ne me rappelle plus tous les épisodes, c'était juste une fascination tous les samedis...
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Message » 20 Fév 2014 15:31

Moi aussi, moi aussi.
Les Aigle 1 en lego, la série, tout tout tout....

Comme dit Olivier, très bonne nouvelle :)

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Message » 21 Fév 2014 17:09

Bonjour à tous ;)
Rahhhh Bernard Golay, le samedi l'aprem...
Le commandant Koenig et ses pattes d'eph et Barbara Bain, la doctoresse aux gr.... :love: :ane: :zen:
eh, la musique 70's :
"Taw, taw taw, taw, talatataw !"
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Message » 22 Fév 2014 10:50

Alerte rouge ! :grad:

Je me suis pris l'intégrale en DVD et en bluray de Cosmos 1999 : J'ai toujours été fan de la première saison : Alors vive Space 2099...

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Message » 22 Fév 2014 15:28

Je croyais avoir trouvé une super affaire, un coffret l'intégrale en DVD à 40 € mais c'est une version Carlton. :cry:
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Message » 26 Fév 2014 14:12

Cosmos 99 a encore une communauté de fans assez active, mais je prendrais l'annonce de ce reboot avec des pincettes de trois mètres de long (sauf qu'il faut alors que le métal soit plus épais, sinon il se tord en raison de la longueur et de l'effet de levier, et ce sont alors des pinces).

Ça fait bien longtemps que les fans évoquent de continuer d'une façon ou d'une autre la série. Le résultat en vingt ou vingt-cinq ans, c'est les sept minutes de l'épilogue tourné avec une actrice secondaire de la série. Mais en dehors de ça, Cosmos n'est pas une série assez connue pour que les velléités de remake, de suite ou de reboot aient une chance concrète d'aboutir. Concrètement, les ayant-droits sont prêts à relancer la série si un studio ou une chaîne est intéressée et ils sont même tellement motivés pour ça qu'ils ont décidé de mettre à jour le titre en Cosmos 2099. Grosso modo, c'est comme si je disais que si je disais que je suis prêt à accepter un rencard avec des top models connues pour leurs photos en lingerie ou en bikini et que je me coifferais pour l'occasion.

EDIT : Faut-il y voir un signe du destin ? C'est mon 2099ème message ici...
Sledge Hammer
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Message » 26 Fév 2014 18:50

Sledge Hammer a écrit:EDIT : Faut-il y voir un signe du destin ? C'est mon 2099ème message ici...

Pour sûr, un signe du destin :P
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Message » 28 Fév 2014 14:29

Sledge Hammer a écrit: je prendrais l'annonce de ce reboot avec des pincettes de trois mètres de long (sauf qu'il faut alors que le métal soit plus épais, sinon il se tord en raison de la longueur et de l'effet de levier, et ce sont alors des pinces).


Sinon, comme vous tous, j'aimerais tellement que ce reboot se fasse. Bon mais une condition quand même : on garde la même musique :charte:
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Message » 28 Fév 2014 14:57

toiiiiiiing, toing-toiiing-toiiiing..... :ane: :P
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Message » 04 Mar 2014 10:37

Et le coté kitch des décors. Des cristaux partout pour faire SF :)

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