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How to use the X-Rite ColorMunki Display with HCFR

Message » 17 Aoû 2012 11:02

How to use the X-Rite ColorMunki Display colorimeter with HCFR 3.04.

When you bought the ColorMunki Display colorimeter, you most likely installed the X-Rite software as well. This software package makes it possible to use the ColorMunki permanently, and for that purpose the installation procedure installs a piece of software that will start at boot time. This software will attach the ColorMunki and thus prevent HCFR to attach the ColorMunki.

To allow HCFR to attach the ColorMunki this software has to be stopped with the following procedure:
  • Use ctrl-alt-del to start the Task Manager
  • Click on the Processes tab
  • Click on Image Name to get an alphabetical list of the running processes
  • Look for the ColorMunkiDisplayTray.exe process
  • Right-click on ColorMunkiDisplayTray.exe and choose End Process Tree
  • Use File > exit Task Manager to close the Task Manager

Now you can start HCFR and the ColorMunki will be visible in the list of available colorimeters.

The ColorMunki software comes with a number of profiles that you can use in HCFR. To make these profiles available to HCFR do the following:
  • Open a Command box by using Start > Run and entering cmd <OK>, or Start > Programs > Accesoires > Command Prompt, what ever you like.
  • Go to the tools directory of HCFR, cd C:\Program Files\HCFR Calibration\Tools
  • run the program i1d3ccss, i1d3ccss -v -S l

The profiles should now be visible in the Spectral Sample setting when you start a new with HCFR.
There are more options with i1d3ccss, using i1d3ccss --help wil give you a very limited help. Otherwise use Google to find more information like man pages. However the previous procedure is fine for most users.

The previous infomation is based on HCFR 3.04, ColorMunki software 1.02, and Windows Vista.
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Message » 30 Aoû 2012 15:03


Thanks for this information, I think it will help lot of people !
I hope this workaround works with the "new" i1 Display Pro? (as both meter Hardware is the same) :idee:
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Message » 06 Sep 2012 22:21

I do not speak French, and Chrome is translating for me, but I have a new ColorMunki Display and am trying to use HCFR. Your tip to close the X-Rite software in system tray allowed me to use HCFR. Thank you.

But I have not really used HCFR before, and I would like some help to know how to calibrate my display. It seems a bit technical. I found an article:

but the article is difficult to follow. Some instruction would be very helpful.

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