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10-Q Poll from A.C.A.

Message » 27 Sep 2003 18:22

Dear friends,

In order for us to increase the general 'audio public' feeling in our data base, about some of the most important High-End issues (to our humble opinion), we place below a 10-questions poll (found within the ACA.GR web-site)

What counts most for sound playback?
How long since your first Stereo?
Sources included in your Hi-Fi.
Your favorite front end type.
Your favorite speaker's type.
Your favorite amplifier's type.
Favorite music you listen to...
Opinion you trust for Hi-Fi quality.
Money spent for your present Hi-Fi.
Equipment you like to see reviewed.

Steal some (not much) of your valuable time, choose a few (or all) the questions, and select one answer for each. (Avoid to see 'results' before you vote, for a more personal opinion...)

Thank you

Christos Skaloumbakas
President of the
Audiophile Club of Athens
Club's Forums - My System
Messages: 50
Inscription: 28 Aoû 2002 21:53
Localisation: Athens Hellas

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