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Great DIY project in A.C.A. pages!

Message » 30 Jan 2003 19:34


A distinguished A.C.A. member Aristidis Coumpas (ARCO), has just finished his last DIY project, which is a Parallel Feed, Dual Mono SET amplifier with 45, VT52, 300B and SV811-3A tubes.


He is using it now as his primary amplifier, driving his Klipschorns and he has included a full report on all construction details in the "Audio... papers" section of the Club's web-site. Just visit 'THE GRACES' - Building of my 45 (and consorts...) triode SE tube amplifier.


Christos Skaloumbakas

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Audiophile Club of Athens
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Message » 30 Jan 2003 21:47

Thanks for the links Chris !

Quite an impressive system you got by the way, especially the wonderful Genesis speakers and the Gabriel turntable !

Keep us posted of the updates on you site .

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