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2 nouveaux lecteurs universels SACD/DVD-A PIONEER

Message » 24 Juin 2002 8:49


cela vaut le coup d'attendre :

Pioneer Announce DV-47Ai, Firewire Universal DVD-Audio/SACD Player
Pioneer is to introduce a Firewire-equipped universal DVD-Audio/SACD player into the US market this coming fall. The DV-47Ai will carry a suggested retail price of $1,200.
The machine will be the first high-resolution consumer DVD-Audio and SACD players to include an industry standard IEEE-1394 (also known as Firewire or iLink) digital interface for both audio and video, and will enable the player to be connected to Pioneer's upcoming flagship receiver, the VSX-49TXi, which boasts partner dual Firewire inputs and of course, integral (digital domain) bass management and time alignment.

It's the world's first receiver with a multi-channel digital interface for both SACD and DVD-Audio, and will become available in October 2002 at a suggested retail price of $4,500.
The DV-47Ai incorporates 108MHz 12-bit video processing and Pioneer' s proprietary Legato PRO circuitry that is claimed to improve music reproduction. Also on board is Pioneer's PureCinema progressive scan circuit which can even apply advanced motion detection and create a progressive display with non 2:3 telecine sources. For those using the audio circuitry within the player, three 192kHz 24-bit Burr Brown digital-to-analogue converters are employed, there are six analogue outputs, integral bass management (although it remains to be seen whether or not it can be applied to DVD-Audio and SACD material) together with SRS Labs TruSurround, Dolby Digital and DTS decoding.

Other features include: sixteen video parameter adjustments (Progressive Motion, PureCinema (on, off, auto), YNR, CNR, Mosquito NR, Block NR, Sharpness High, Sharpness Mid, Detail, White Level, Black Level, Gamma, Black Setup, Hue, Chroma Level and Chroma Delay), the parameters of which can be stored in one of three memories; three factory video settings (CRT, PDP and Professional); a trick play processor (smooth scan); an upgraded graphic user interface for easy set-up navigation; Super-Fine Focus Filter with 4:4:4 video up-sampling.

Joining the DV-47Ai in the fall line-up is another universal player, the more affordable DV-45A. Retailing for $700, the 45A will be lacking the Firewire output but will retain the ability to play both Super Audio CD and DVD-Audio discs. Its audio circuitry is on a par with that of the DV-47Ai, but video D/A is limited to 54MHz 10-bit.

Craig McManis, vice president of marketing for home entertainment at Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. said: Both DVD-Audio and SACD provide unbelievable multi-channel experience for music and movies, but sometimes consumers can only find the title they want in one format or the other. We re giving them the freedom to buy one DVD player and be able to play discs from either of the two emerging formats. We were the first company to offer a universal player and now we're bringing even greater technology to the table with the i.Link connectivity.;
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Message par Google » 24 Juin 2002 8:49


Encart supprimé pour les membres HCFR

Message » 24 Juin 2002 10:17

En français?
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Message » 24 Juin 2002 11:13

desole , je fais les sous-titres en francais

Pionner sort 2 lecteurs universels 1200$ / 700 $

le premier dispose d'une sortie numerique IEEE1394 ( interface NON proprietaire ce qui est interessant pour vehiculer le signal haut debit SACD / DVD-A ) et est dispose a etre relie a un nouveau ampli pioneer qui disposera du bass management ( ce qui manquait jusqu'alors pour le SACD )
je ne sais pas ce qu'est le "time alignment" ???
donc le 747 est carrement depasse ds qqs mois

un deuxieme lecteur sortira aussi mais sans l'interface IEEE1394 et un peu moins performant en video mais a un pris assez attractif !!!
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Message » 24 Juin 2002 11:31

duc a écrit:donc le 747 est carrement depasse ds qqs mois

Ca t'étonne ?
Moi c'est le contraire qui m'aurait étonné...
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