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nom de code " azalia"

Message » 20 Jan 2004 15:40

The last update, sur la guerre des nouveaux formats extrait du site de Stereophile, 19/01/04 :

Intel Goes High-Def Audio
By Jon Iverson

January 19, 2004 — Like it or not, audiophiles may find that it will be the computer industry, not the traditional consumer electronics manufacturers, that creates a successful platform for high resolution audio. As we reported last week from the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Microsoft's latest Windows Media Audio (WMA) codec contains provisions for up to eight channels of 96kHz/24-bit lossy or lossless PCM audio—and Apple OSX fans have had an operating system that supports 96/24 for some time.

Now Intel is officially getting into the act. The company's next generation audio specification, previously code-named "Azalia," (see previous report) has a new moniker: "Intel High Definition Audio." Intel says the new spec includes an upgraded overall architecture and increased bandwidth to allow for 192kHz/32-bit, multichannel audio and support for "evolving high-quality audio formats."

Intel reports that the HDA specification is currently at the Rev. 0.9 level, and the company expects to release the final version by mid-year under royalty-free license terms. The company adds that the technology will also be featured with the "Grantsdale" chipset, scheduled for release in the first half of 2004.

According to Intel, the HDA architecture is designed on the same "cost-sensitive principles" as the previously announced AC'97 (Audio/Codec '97) and will allow for "an improved audio usage and stability level for onboard PC audio devices." Other features of HDA include increased support for multi-channel array microphones for higher quality input, dynamically allocated bandwidth, and audio device configuration flexibility.

Intel's Kevin Corbett remarks, "The PC is a versatile platform for digital media and is playing an increasingly large role in DVD-Audio, streaming music services, and home theater applications."

Il y a aussi le SVM de Janvier qui fait une bonne synthese des problemes de piratages et leurs impacts sur les futurs formats audio.
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